Today the final curtain in the Weirs Beach Drive in closes. It opened 69 years ago and only operated in the summer months. Many classic movies have shown here. It is sad to see it go. It was right next to the Italian Faro and Thurston’s Marina on Weirs Blvd. This has been rumored for a couple years. Well, it was sold as the owner was ready to retire and the value of the land exceeded the business. What will happen is it will be turned into condominiums. Thy showed movies in separate screens while people can watch in their cars or sit out side their car with chairs they take along, well you can even watch two movies at once. Popcorn was served. Even people from Concord and Nottingham drove to see its last showing. The movie showing is Hitman’s Body Guard and Baby Driver. This iconic staple will be missed. But a fact, Drive-ins have been rapidly declining.


Name what movie you have seen here in the comments below.


Pier 19 in Weirs closes today including gas. FAREWELL SUMMER 2017. It was a great one!