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Serving the Lakes Region



Lake Vibes


604 Endicott Street North

Laconia / Weirs Beach NH


Website launch as early as Monday Feb 13. 

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Bah Hoppah - Weirs Transportation


36 Endicott St E

Laconia / Weirs Beach NH



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Looking for transportation when having a fun night out at events, concerts, at the Weirs? Bah Hoppa is the way to go to get transportation to and from. They are at your service and ready to roll, call the number above and arrange in advance.


405 Pub and Grill

. ..

405 Union Ave, Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 524-8405



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Monday : Mexican Monday Night; Tuesday Buy one get 1/2 off Pizza & Pasta Night; Wednesday $0.75 Wing night & can only order so many at a time & can’t take a bunch as take out, I love seeing many of my friends turn up for these specials when I go to them!; Thurs Happy Hour; Friday and Sat DJ (USUALLY Ghoulay or Jackie Lee) and music! Sunday Funday & Game Specials During Sports Seasons. Sundays can and have had Beer Specials. Prime Rib Fri & Sat.   Halloween party every last Saturday of October.


DAVE had a 405 stand in Weirs for Bike Week!

they got Specials they have in their retrospective seasons.









Lakeside Famous Roast Beef And Pizza

1091 UnionAve, Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 528-0838

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The Fancy

347 Lakeside Ave Laconia NH 03246 (603) 527-8405

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The Big House


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Great Bands, An example they just had Colt Ford


TICKETS For Events can be ordered on Eventbrite


Local concert venue and dance club located in Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee


Tower Hill Tavern - Weirs Beach

264 Lakeside, Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 366-9100





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Tiki Hut Boats of New Hampshire

2024 reservations


264 Lakeside Rd at Winnipesaukee Pier at the Weirs Beach in Laconia NH, 03246

(603) 960-4991



Tiki Hut Boats of NH was formed in 2017. They had heard what customers wanted in addition to sell boats, so 2018 was their first year of both public and private charters!

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Tiki Hut Boats was on NH Chronicle at 7 pm August 29, 2022

You can choose to experience a 90 minute public cruise and bring your friends, or meet some new friends! They will also offer a two hour private charter. Arrive 30 min earlier! They are great to enjoy the nice weather on the lake, Bach parties and or your birthday celebration as I have had friends do. My friends have had a great time on these charters!


Tiki Plaza 604 Endicott st, N, Laconia NH, 03246




DJ Marty’s Gigs


FRIDAY Lakeview TAVERN in MEREdith.

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579 Endicott St, N Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 366-4377


FUNSPOT is the largest arcade in the world as recognized by Guinness World Records!

 red white blue late September  



If you’re not taking advantage of our Sunday Early Bird Bowling Special, you’re missing out! Get in to the FUNSPOT Bowling Center from 10AM-1PM every Sunday for bowling at just $3/string with free shoe rental!


Looking for an Arcade to go to for for the afternoon, on a cold day, on a day ya can’t think of doing anything fun? This will be a great place to take your kids to! Come to Funspot. Check out the Bowling Specials Below.


watch this of Funspot:


BINGO is Back!



All monies raised will go to helping animals and animal rescue operations in NH. 

RIP Bob Lawton, founder of Funspot. Bob was a kindhearted Man who brought great memories to Funspot! He Will be missed by all of us. He had done meet and greet on Saturdays.  I was happy to visit him on those:. This gives a great tribute to Bob:


Weirs Times

515 Endicott St N Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 366-8463


Free weekly newspaper publishing good news about New Hampshire’s unique lifestyle, history and the people who make the granite state such a great place to live and work. Read it online too!

Hollie's Auto Shine

Union Ave, Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 527-2546

Go fast Turn Left!! Into Hollie’s Auto shine.

Lake Winnipesaukee Museum

503 Endicott Street, N Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 366-5950


Free museum dedicated to preserving and promoting the history & heritage of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Heavy Metal Gym

Old State Road Belmont, NH 03220

(603) 244-8804


Heavy Metal Gym isn’t just a room full of equipment, it is an arena for self discovery, a proving ground where you can stand with your iron family and test the limits of your mind and body. You may never be THE best … but you can become YOUR best. See Less

Laconia Antique Center

601 Main Street, Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 524-9484


22,000 sq. ft. with 200+ Dealers
Open Year Round in Downtown Laconia
Glassware • Ephemera • Linens • Coins • Art • Jewelry • Clocks • Vintage Toys & Trains • Railroad Memorabilia • Quality Furniture • Vintage Fishing & Hunting Equipment • Posters of all subjects • Postcards • Silver • Collectibles…plus so much more!

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Laconia Daily Sun

781 Union Ave., Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 527-9299


Come Get Your Paper at the Laconia Daily Sun. They also carry Fall and Summer guides! You can get subscribe for the paper as well! They got a great moving into a new office in Lakeport

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1072 Watson Rd

Laconia NH 03246

Specials Change Every Day! Thurs is Karaoke, Friday is Prime Rib, Entertainment Fri to Sat. The friendly bartenders Alicia, Neveah and Brittany will serve you well. Check this out of their Bike Week of 2023 plans ! Major expansion at High Octane Saloon – will be ready to rock for Bike Week – YouTube    LETS GET REDNCK’n Tour HIGH OCTANE Pond Hockey PARTY | Facebook and BMB Biker Build Off : Laconia NH Bike Week 2023 | Facebook (June 10)

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NASWA Resort


1086 Weirs Blvd, Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 366-4341

2024 Season has begun.




Experience the mouth-watering elements of the Blue Burger at the NazBar and Grill! 🍔🥓
Cooked to perfection, a certified Angus burger, topped with Stilton Bleu cheese, Applewood smoked bacon with a side of delicious curly fries.
Catch the Pat Game 🏈 on the Beach starting at 4:25pm.


Soundings Magazine is looking for nominations for the Best Dock-And-Dine Restaurants

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Naswa had an Ice Out Contest Facebook





The Naswa Resort is a relaxing and fun vacation spot that has been serving the New Hampshire Lakes Region since 1935. Located on Lake Winnipesaukee, our 1000 foot private sandy beach is one of our main attractions, as are our free boat slips and live entertainment. Dine at our lakeside Blue Bistro Restaurant, or visit the world famous NazBar & Grill for a burger and beverage.

Blue Bistro

Mother’s day brunch Blue Bistro naswa $35



Join us in our Blue Bistro for delicious dining and delightful views of Lake Winnipesaukee. Our breakfast menu offers all of the classics you’ve come to know and love: Caribbean French toast, eggs Benedict, and fluffy omelets, just to name a few.

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