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My story

Hi, my name is Daniel Fife and I am a native of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

I went to college here at Plymouth State and got my degree in Marketing. I have a hobby for hanging around the Lakes Region and what started that was I knew some connections in this area. I like to visit the major hangout spots in the area and the Weirs when its nice out. I have a liking in retail stores, shopping malls. restaurant franchises and big box stores. Their outer design, business strategies, how they evolve and expand and store layouts very much interest me. I visit them as much as possible and keep up on the news of these chains.

I also have a big hobby of traveling. I have traveled to all 50 states and have been to Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Bahamas and St Lucia.  I sight-see the beaches, down towns, historical landmarks in those places and retail stores. Its a fun experience and a real thrill as well. I am here to write about my experiences in doing this. Here I share my experiences and liking for these interests.

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