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Dan's Fun Facts

• Jack Mercer voiced both Popeye and Mr. Spider from the Cobweb Hotel.

• The creators of the Ninja Turtles lived in Dover, NH.

• The only state without a Target is Vermont.

No Miss Nelson is Missing movie has been made.

• E.T. Is the last ride left from when the Universal Studios Park opened (when it opened is disclosed later)

• The people who wrote Ninja Turtles are from Dover, NH

• 90 percent of the US population lives within 10 miles of a Wal-mart (Wow!) and in Walmart store locator searches there is 100 Walmarts in a 100 mile radius

Kmart started out as Kresge’s

Hobgoblins was one of the movies in Mystery Science Theater 3000

Meijer is a fast growing Midwest Supercenter chain that is doing better than anyone else and started the whole Supercenter concept. It started in Grand Rapids, MI!

• There is an increase in births where the Super Bowls win

• Johnny Depp’s first movie was Nightmare on Elm st that came out in 1994

Hawaii is the only state without Kohl’s, Olive Garden and Michaels Crafts. It was also the last state to get statehood as it was a territory before.

• Wyoming is the only state without a Toys R us.

• Vermont was the last state to get a Walmart, which opened in Bennington in 1995.

• Troll 2 is the best worst horror movie and they will have a sequel to it.

• Plymouth State College became Plymouth State University in August 2003. I was a student there then.

• The last Blockbuster Videos closed in late 2013. Video rental places are NEAR extinct.

• Miami was the largest city in FL by population until Jacksonville merged with its county about 5 decades ago.

• Toys R us started as a small store in Washington DC in 1957 and that location is a bar.

• FAO Schwarz has gone through a few locations (including its 5th Ave location) since the 1800’s before its closure this summer and they are trying to find a new location.

• The same man composes: ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Jaws, and Home Alone. Take a Guess who he is?

• They were going to have a 5th Batman movie in late 1990s but it was canceled due to how horrible Batman and Robin did. It was going to be Batman Unchained (many fans thought it would be Batman Triumphant) where Batman faces his inner demons and they don’t have Batgirl and Robin leaves Batman for a while. The main villians were to be Scarecrow and Nic Cage would have played him and Harley Quinn rumored to be played by Courtney Love (Rumors of Madonna playing her too). Batman would have seen a hullication of all his past enemies putting him on trial, which would have had Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Danny Devito as Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Jim Carrey as Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face.

• The first Pixar Movie was Toy Story, which is no surprise due to its number of sequels and popularity.

• They were going to have a Woody Woodpecker movie but it got canceled.

• Of Power Rangers sister series Beetleborgs, it actually had better ratings that Power Rangers when it was running but it ended due to lack of footage.

• The first Wal-Mart opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas and has 4,500 stores in the US. Canada was the first place they opened outside the US and this was in 1994. The largest one in the US is in Albany NY.

• Jennifer Aniston’s first movie was Leprechaun, which came out back in 1993.

• Walt Disney Park in Orlando, FL opened in 1971, but wasn’t the first Disney Park as Disney Land in Anaheim, CA opened 16 years before.

• New York state had more people than California for a while.

• The 2 largest cities by land in NH are as follows: 1: Pittsburg, 2: Lincoln

• Funspot, in Weirs Beach NH, is the largest arcade in the world.

• Universal Studios in Orlando, FL opened in 1990

• Burger King started in Miami, FL.

• Norfolk, VA was the largest city in VA but was surpassed by the suburb Virginia Beach.

• The Simpsons started back in 1987 as a TV short for Tracey Ullman and became it’s own show in late 1989 and is one of the longest running programs.

• Jurassic World is the third highest grossing movie, after Avatar and the Titanic. There have been 15 mistakes pointed out in it.

• The Loudon Race track opened in 1990, ironically same year the Steeplegate Mall in Concord opened and before that mall opened that part of Loudon Rd was nothing but fields.

• Jaws, that came out in 1975, was the start of the blockbuster movie. It was filmed in Martha’s Vineyard.

• The only capitol building bigger than the DC one is the Texas one. No other capitol is allowed to be bigger than the DC one except Texas’ cause of the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas”.

• Disney’s first theater movie was Snow White, which came out in 1937.

• The only state capitols not served by Interstate are Juneau, Alaska; Pierre, South Dakota; Dover, Delaware; Jefferson City, MO; and Carson City, NV.

• Thought What About Bob? movie took place in New Hampshire, it was mostly filmed in Virginia.

• The song Breathe has been sung by various singers. Not just Faith Hill, but 2 AM, Blu Cantrell, Collective Soul, Delilah, Erasure, Fabolous, Kaz James, Kyle Minogue, Michael W Smith, Michelle Branch, Midge Ure, Miss A, Moist, Nickelback, Pink Floyd, Ricki-Lee, Taylor Swift, Telepopmusik, The Prodigy, U2 and Winterville.

• St Augustine, Florida is the oldest community in the US, dating back to the 1500s.

• Los Angeles is the most congested city in the US. San Francisco is #2. Honolulu is number #3. New York City is #4. Seattle is #5. San Jose is #6. Miami is #7. Chicago is #8. Washington DC is #9. Portland, OR is #10.

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