Our Cult Classic 80s movie the Goonies came out June 7, 1985 and is a timeless classic.

The Goonies was filmed in Astoria Oregon. Every June 7 they have Goonies Day . The town shows the Goonies movie there too! They encourage local and far away fans to come for it! Here are the list of Events for Goonies Day Astoria has : https://www.facebook.com/events/674802282937796/

The Oregon Film Museum in downtown Astoria was where the first scene of the Goonies movie (When Ma Fratelli and 1 of her sons were freeing her other son from jail). It has cardboards of the Goonies characters, Goonies Take 1 photo, jail cells and 1 you can go in, and others of displays of Goonies stuff and sloth. They have a gift shop selling stuff of the Goonies merchandise! Visitors can write what they love best of the Goonies movie! It is 6 dollars admission. I Went there June 5, 2019! The Goonies house is closed to the public as it is private property as the owner’s neighbor got tired of visitors. loitering and littering

Here are Pictures of the Oregon Film Museum (have fun here and get your truffle shuffle