The celebration of the Patriots victory (they won their 6th title over the Rams) in Boston Mass on February 5, 2019 at 11 am at Boylston st (at Hereford Street). The to be closed streets during the celebration are Boylston Street, Mass Ave to Tremont Street ; Tremont Street, Boylston Street to Court Street; Cambridge Street, Court Street to Chardon Street. The size of the crowds will depend on when the roads reopen. credited by

There will be duck boats (a quack quack of awesome fun!). This last happened in 2017 in the same area! credited by

Here is a map of the Parade Route

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This provides some more coverage: It says likely 6,000 people will gather to watch! Check this out as well!

I urge you all to get to the parade as early as you can tomorrow morning or even if you have to stay overnight with a friend!

Get your Fife on to a great time at the Parade tomorrow!