Here are Testimonials I have done with customers at the Antique Center in Downtown Laconia, NH where Customers go upstairs to watch the Train Runs that runs Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm.


Customer : Used to have trains as a kid and and how it has been with him


Customer : Bringing her son there to watch the trains


Customer: Gets paid doing this and meeting people


Customer: Gets paid doing this and meeting new people. He always loves hearing interesting stories of trains they had and how they put trains under the Christmas Tree


Customer: I like the sight, the sounds and smells of the trains and customers stories.


Customer: A mother takes her son


Customer : looking for doors and to see Charlie


Customer: loves recording the trains


A Couple: Browsing


Customer: Browsing and trains


Customer: Going to see Santa at Christmas time!


For me (Daniel Fife): The Nostalgic atmosphere! The Owner is a good friend and friendly person


Here are Sample Pictures of the Train that runs: