Hello everyone it’s another story by Dan Fife the Advertiser. I am here to discuss the Snow Storm of the 2000s Century that just happened in New England. The snow storm was called Storm Stella. One who has a baby named Stella jokingly made a comment of that. It happened all throughout March 14, 2017 and got worse as the day went on. I call it snowpocalpyse too.


To start, the snow storm was on the watch since that previous weekend. There were 1000 school cancellations all over NH, and probably lots more in the Rest of New England. Many restaurants, businesses and national chains (even CVS and Rite Aid) in Laconia shut down by 3 pm, almost every really.  I went to the Burlington Mall the day after and they and the Buffalo Wild wings across the street (probably more along with them too) told me they shut down during the storm. But Fratello’s in Lakeport and Hannaford in Gilford told me they were open during the storm. I had almost no dinner at my place as I wasn’t prepared for the storm to be that bad cause I am not used to everything being shut down and a neighbor brought me dinner. When I walked to the 405 to find that it was closed, the sidewalks were almost unusable due to excess snow and  It seemed to be about 2 feet and was one of the worst snow storms I have ever seen.  There were even travel bans in Mass.


The snow storm had some bad aftermath. Many lost power during the storm and some time after it.In addition, many people who work at home lost work time! Trees were down. Schools had a 2 hour delay the day after. Many roads and parking lots are narrow due to snow storms. This has also caused slow drivers. There are snow banks taller than me. Even on March 16, my birthday, there were vehicles removing the snow banks.


Here are pictures to show what I mean of that Super Storm. Do any of you recall snow storms as bad as this or worse?