Today is Laconia’s 125 Celebration held in downtown. Next year Laconia will turn 125, next Tuesday will be the Passenger Station’s 125th Anniversary but I guess they decided to hold it the weekend closest to it. In downtown where it was held near the bank and Train Station.  They had 50 minute train rides. There were people dressed as train conductors. I wonder why they don’t have a Polar Express named one hahaa. They had a kids area for kids to ride a kiddie train around in a circle near Burrito Me. They had a petting Zoo of lamb. There were vendors selling wares like Handmade crafts, including Halloween ones. The Laconia Eatery had a pig roast. They had musicians sing in a stage. Near the Train Station was newspaper clippings of this past Tuesday’s article of the event coming up on this stand as well as 125 balloons near it and a list of sponsors and people working the event signing. They even had someone from the Sea Shore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport Maine come here to give a history. The Library even had advertised this. Laconia does a great job in dealing w our history. The Pumpkin Festival is this coming October 14!! Bank of NH always sponsors in these events. I will cover that event as well! But today’s event was a significant event and the closed off parts of the streets. They had great weather for it.