The 4th of July is upon is! The Shark has been terrorizing Amity’s Waters! (BELOW I have something to stay too)


Here is The 4th of July Timeline for Jaws (When the Police report as written of the Shark attack is obviously a movie error)


June 28: The beginning of the attacks: It is evening on Amity Island. There is a party of teens. Chrissy Watkins meets a guy and wants to go skinny dipping. He passes out on the sand. Chrissy goes in the ocean and is violently attacked by something underwater and then pulled down never to come up again. (This is said to be one of the scariest scenes in movie history).


June 29: Police Chief Martin Brody gets to work. He is told how kids are karateing picket fences. He gets a call on Chrissy Watkins disappearance. He finds her remains. Martin Brody gets a call from the coroner that her death was due to a shark attack. Martin decides to close the beaches, but the mayor overrules him saying Amity relies on the summer tourist money for the town to thrive the rest of the year and doesn’t want to scare off tourists. He has the medical examiner change the report to a boating accident (A medical examiner can lose their licence for that). Later that day at the beach Brody watches feeling another attack may happen. Brody was right, as a young boy Alex Kintner is attacked by the shark in broad day in front of many beach goers. The Shark is now public knowledge.


June 30: The meeting is held at Town Hall of the Shark and Alex Kintner’s mom offers a $3000 bounty reward or the shark. The beaches will be closed only 1 day. Quint offers $10,000 for his services to kill the shark. The Mayor says they will take it under advisement. Martin reads a book on how sharks attacking boats. These 2 guys throw a roast to attract the shark. The shark (unseen gets it) but almost gets 1 of the 2 men.


July 1: The shark hunters all appear on Amity Island to catch the shark. Matt Hooper comes after being called in. He is from the Oceanographic institute. He examines Chrissy Watkins remains and knows it was a shark attack.


July 2: A Tiger shark has been caught but it’s not likely the shark they are looking for. Mrs Kintner blames Brody for letting the beaches open which resulted in her sons death. Martin reflects on this sadly that evening. Hooper and Brody cut the remains of the Tiger Shark open and know that is not the shark they are looking for. Ben Gardner’s Boat is found and his corpse is found by Matt Hooper. Matt also finds the tooth of a great white shark


July 3: Martin Brody and Matt Hooper try to convince Mayor Vaughn to close the beaches, after discovering the shark they are dealing with is a great white and a man eater. The Mayor refuses for fear of the loss of tourism revenue, but allows them to add extra patrol. (The day this story was written). The Mayor had stated the next day is the 4th of July in this, when Brody says if they make an effort today they may be able to save August (But August is like a GIANT SUNDAY To many people).


July 4: Tourists pack the beaches, a prank by 2 boys with a cardboard shark fin scares many tourists out of the water. The real shark attacks and kills a boating teacher and puts Michael Brody in shock. Brody is now determined to go after the shark (notice how that mirrors his widow in Jaws the Revenge after the shark kills a woman to get to the granddaughter).  Brody visits his son in the hospital who is treated for his shock.


July 4 or 5: Brody, Quint and Hooper set sail to go after the shark (after Ellen Brody wishing Martin luck). The set out in sea for a while, and the shark appears (You are going to need a bigger boat). They tie barrels to the shark and it still goes down. The 3 men later that night tell tales to each other and Quint gives his story of him on the USS Indianapolis. He said many of his men were eaten by sharks. The shark briefly reappears and damages the boat


July 5 or 6 : The final day of the voyage: They try to catch the shark. Quint destroys the radio equipment when Brody tries to call the coast guard. The barrels the shark is attached to get lose from the ship. They have the shark chase it. The Orca starts to sink thanks to Quint overtaxing the engine. Hooper tries to stap the shark w/ poison in the cage but the shark destroys the cage. Hooper escapes. The Shark kills Quint. Brody is left to deal w the shark alone and finally destroys the shark (After what seemed impossible) after throwing a air pressure tank in its mouth and shooting it. Brody and Hooper swim back to shore in the remains of the orca.


I SAW the Jaws Bridge on Martha’s Vineyard August 2, 2020! People can jump from it.

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ALSO in Back to the Future 2 when they went to 2015 they had Jaws 19 that never happened, If they had Jaws 19, name what you think what would have happened between Jaws the Revenge and Jaws 19!