Sample of Hurricane Irma’s aftermath!

Here Hurricane is coming on to the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia and Carolinas! I am afraid it is that time of year. I even saw a movie of a Hurricane 5 in Florida and it sending Alligators into a house! It even showed looters during the Hurricane which can happen in real life! We are at 14 yrs since the extensive damage of Hurricane Katrina. I feel this is a bad way for the school yr to start.

Here is some coverage! and . I hear millions are being ordered to evacuate. That is not fun to live in those conditions! It is currently at category 2 but is strengthening.

The Hurricane’s strength has grown and has been pounding The Bahamas. I even saw a picture on FB of the 2nd level of a 2 story home flooded! It is one of the worst there for this kind of weather! It has killed at least 5 and caused devastation here as shown:

Disney World has closed for the Day due to the Hurricane and it has only ever done that a few times! I have friends in Jacksonville and St Augustine who are dealing with this. Some Wal-marts along the path of the Hurricane will be temporarily closed!

The Mayor of Jacksonville says to anyone who ignores evacuation orders that if they call 911 they are likely on their own and here is the article: .

Bristol Motor Speedway is opening a Campground Free of Charge for evacuates!

I urge you all in it’s path to be safe and please leave NOOO pets behind!