I am excited for Summer, as it will be warmer weather, beach bars reopen, and longer days. I look forward to revisiting Paradise Beach Club, Tower Hill Tavern, Naswa and Margate again. The Margate is a beach bar by the Margate Inn and has music gigs and a great location by the water front. Naswa has drink and food specials, and music gigs from time to time. Paradise Beach Club is a beach bar place with a beach atmosphere what you find in the Florida Keys. Paradise Beach Club holds bands Tower Hill Tavern holds bands upstairs! Bike Week is in 80 days!!!! I am so excited! It’s on the Weirs Beach and a lot of it is on the Italian Faro Grille Property. Bike Week attracts many visitors who always look forward to coming up.


Many people come up here for the Summer for the Lake and boating. There is a Sunday thing in Braun Bay where many go out to have fun!


I am looking Forward to Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom that comes out in 93 days!


Sad Part of Summer is Toys r us will be extinct.


Here are samples of the Summer: