Here is a List of Stuff closed due to the Corona Virus. This has effected the world economy and the world has changed. Stuff have been postponed , canceled due to it. I advise everyone to wash their hands, stay out of crowded areas and use hand sanitizers. There is not much Toilet paper left. This is a super contagious virus and people 50 and up and with health problems are at Risk. Airlines are waiving cancelations fees policies. Be Sure to check with your airline! We are in a State of Emergency and Trump will address that at 3 pm today. Trump says China should have done something sooner! 3000 has died worldwide. 1200 cases in the USA and 30 the US.

There is a 6th Case in NH, in Portsmouth area. Now up to 20 in NH

– San Francisco on lock down and only Dr appts and food shopping.

– Dental Offices closed
– Court houses cases canceled

– Less Flights

– Macy’s now closes all stores.

– Funspot closed

– Cinemas to close

– The Kentucky Derby is postponed till September.

– The situation has caused the unemployment sites to crash

– Nordstrom close all stores during this

– Social Distancing ordered.

– St Patricks Day Parades in Most Major Cities like Boston, Dublin Ireland, Chicago, etc

– Market Basket was was Super Busy in Tilton yesterday with lines backed to the end.

– Fenway Red Sox Opening Day in Early April. A friend of mine had b-day plans for it.

– A School fundraiser in my town is postponed.

– Landlord rents petitioned to be suspended

– Hot Topic closes all their stores

– Mall of America temp closes

– The Trampoline park closes

– The fear seniors may not experience real senior in Hs life

– Lower Nashville closed

– hospitals closed to visitors.

– Abercrombrie and Fitch closed till further notice.

– The NBA Season canceled as well as NHL too!

– Now MY own School closed


– New Jersey has a curfew

– Disney STores and PRovidence Place mall closed.

– Funspot closed.

– A list of all the stuff around Albany NY canceled.

– Long waits at the Customs in the US for 9 hours

– Nursing homes on Lock down

– Small businesses closed.

– Broadway North Dance Competition is canceled. Many other similar ones could be too!

– Many Talk Shows are empty

– A friend of mine’s campground Seminar canceled

– I Feel bad many peoples vacations and honeymoons canceled.

– Ski resorts closed for the season :

– Schools cancellations here:

– California and Washington State may be under lock down soon.

– As of Now for a little while The US has banned travel to Europe.

– Cruises can be canceled / postponed

– Travel biz trips on hold

– 1 place tonight closed at 8 pm

– Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beaches close at 10 pm

– Social gatherings now limited to 25 ppl.

– Ohio, California and Mass restuarants and bars closed.

– Apple is Closing Stores for a little while due to the Corona Virus.

– Disney World , Universal Studios, Disneyland all closed for the rest of the month. I had a few friends who were set to go to Disney World within 2 weeks and their dream got crushed. Same with a kid in the make a Wish foundation.

– Many schools and colleges all over the nation. I fear that will shorten summers and cancel everyone’s April Break. School field trips, Sports activities etc canceled / held off. My old HS will have school canceled for 2 weeks come Monday as well as Plymouth State University. 1 at Hooters in NJ told me that they had an extended Spring Break

– NYC was a Ghost town on Sunday and many had masks

– A Video Game Convention Event for California Canceled and moved to June

– Chunky’s Made this announcement for Social Distancing

– The Comic Convention in Seattle that was next week held off

– I had changed around my near birthday trip due to being in places of being at risk. Wouldn’t be surprised if it affected Daytona Bike Week.

– James Bond Movie No Time to Die’s Movie Premier held off till November 25

– Sales Conferences canceled (1 friend that happened to) as well as many other conferences and meetings

– Town Meetings held off

– Drop Kick Murphy that was to play in Boston on my Birthday (March 16) is held off till September 11, 2020.

– Many concert tours delayed such as Pearl Jam

– Opening Day for Caro Winds on the North and South Carolina Borders are delayed for 2020 Season

– Special Olympics in Minnessota

– Boston Marathon is postponed till September.

– Batchelor on Stage and Blake Shelton in Wisconsin is postponed with no reset date scheduled.

– Court cases postponed

Can anyone please list in the comment part where you can comment your feelings on this and how it has impacted your life?

– Lock down in Italy and China.

– Publix will close starting at 8 pm

– As Wyoming continues to grapple with the spread of COVID-19.
The World Championship Hill Climb is canceled . You know this decision has not come easily. But the health and safety of the people in our region and community is paramount.

– Forestview Manor in Meredith has closed it’s doors to Visitors.

– Daytona Motor Cycle Week is ending Bike Week early and

– The Capitol is closed and tours suspended.

– King of Prussia and Cherry Hill Malls may partially close:

– Due to the growing concerns and warnings of the Coronavirus situation, please let me know if you have decided not to attend tonight’s event.
I plan to be there, but if enough people people are concerned, I will reschedule this event for another evening.
Please contact me, preferably by text, at 603 262 1560.

– New Rochelle NY is a Ghost Town and the Army has been there.

– School Trips canceled including a friend’s kids field trip to Montreal. College Abroad trips canceled.

– Trade Shows canceled

– JET BLUE PARK Shut down.

– Super Markets and places like BJ’s have been slammed.

Watch out for more cancelations and delays to be announced and many many large gatherings canceled.

This list samples and examples:
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