The weather is getting warmer and some of the ice is starting to melt in Lake Winnipesaukee. Ice Out is soon. When ice all over is broken up in Lake Winnipesaukee, that is when Ice Out is declared and then the MS Mount Washington can make it to all its ports around the lake! Then boating season follows soon after! 2016 was our earliest one ever, in where it happened around St Patricks Day time! Last year Ice Out was declared Mid April! Here it’s late April and no Ice Out yet. The is is the latest Ice Out in years! They have been doing Ice Out since the 1800s. When Ice Out is declared, it makes many NH newspapers! We did have some late snow storms and Winter weather last week and a cold winter, but the weather has been starting to get warmer. Soon you will also see the MS Mount Washington set sail (A story will be on that when it’s first sail happens). It is beautiful to see the MS Mount Washington set sail across the lake! It is a great feeling too of realizing summer is about here too!


This link gives a history of the past Ice Outs :


There are some establishments that do an Ice Out contest and if your prediction is right they give you a gift card!


Here are pictures of the Lake as of this weekend and much of the ice has broken! Last week there was still a lot of ice!


Here is a CONTEST: Name your Ice Out Prediction here in this story!. Mine is around May 1! I hope I am right! On average most Ice Outs occurred in the 2nd half of April. I love hearing people’s Ice Out Predictions! I wonder how many other lakes do a similar thing : declare Ice is gone and if any of you know any other lake that does that try to list that here.