Hello followers, this is Dan Fife, CEO of GoGetFifed, speaking to talk about an eventful weekend with very popular events and it was quite the weekend! Many of you felt that way too.  There are 3 popular events I will cover. It was a fantastic one at that!


A new bar and entertainment place (also hot spot) called The Whiskey Barrel opened in downtown Laconia near the Hair School and Family Dollar. So far it’s been a huge success. It was so crowded it reached Capacity for a while on Friday night and at some pt on Saturday. It offers country music. On Friday Eric Grant Band played and they sang great country songs. Many people danced near the stage. Like wise with Jodie Cunningham Band who played on Saturday. There is a big drink serving area and the bartenders are fast with serving customers despite the big number of them. There were a couple over bar stands. The bar also offers punching glove games and pool tables. Last and but not least a very popular feature of the place is a Mechanical Bull. You pay $1 to get on and the wait is not long at all. You ride on it and try to stay on as long as you can. Many people rode it. One friend stayed on for 59 seconds. I gotta try to do that or more. I LOVE This new bar’s fast and speedy service and friendly staff as well! Come on and Check it out! They will be having more country bands playing! They own a branch in Haverhill, Mass and I believe the new Laconia one will be a HUGE success. I also want to do everything in my power to help them be successful too.


This weekend was the annual Pond Hockey games in Meredith on Meredith Bay, the lake near Lago and not far from Church Landing. Various teams play Hockey! There were multiple games to watch. It’s a busy event as many throughout the state come to watch. There are T-shirt and food vendor stands. Many people walk their dogs in the event. Many of my friends have Bob Houses on the lake! Helicopters fly around the event. All the same I list in this paragraph is held on Lake Waukewan. This weekend is the Ice fishing derby event.


NOOOWWW, Last and not least, dun dun dun dunnn, was another major, popular and long awaited event last night, The Super Bowl 51!!!  It was the Patriot’s VS the Atlanta Falcons. For a while the Patriot’s were losing and near the end by some miracle they caught up and won!!! Many declare that the best game ever. People cheered, hugged and got emotional when the Patriot’s won.  I admit that was a close one. The score was 34 Patriot’s and Falcons 28. Somehow a Simpsons episode predicted a score as close as this GOOOO Tom Brady!!!!!!! That was the first time a game in the Super Bowl went into over time. I heard Boston even had buildings light up saying Patriots. I watched it at the 405 Pub and Grill in Laconia, NH where they had a Super Bowl Party. Many other hot spots did, including the new Whiskey Barrel. 405 had a pizza and wing buffet $7. Many of my other friends came and watched. One got really cheerful throughout the game and he is a big time Patriot’s fan.  Lady Gaga played in the Half Time Show and did an amazing performance. Her songs Just Dance, Poker Face and Bad Romance are in my head. She must not be afraid of heights as twice she went a far height in the show. They had fire works come out of the building after her performance and the roof was open! Lady Gaga must love the Super Bowl as last year she sang the National Anthem. Luke’s national anthem was great.   Till next year with the Super Bowl and who do you think will play and be in the Half Time Show? I know it will be in Minneapolis. The Super Bowl is an extremely popular event among many many people and is heavily marketed.


Well that was an exciting weekend. Every year just about the Pond Hockey Games are held the same weekend as the Super Bowl and that’s always an exciting weekend, plus the Winter gets better then. I would love to hear your input of the all that we talk about and of the Super Bowl game. I also hope to be a blogger in addition to all this.


Here are the Pictures of the Story (In order from first to second to third story). The Video at the end is my more successful ridding the bull at the Whiskey Barrel attempt. I didn’t do as well the day before.  In addition, I will have more stories come!