Happy 30 years to the charming WHAT ABOUT BOB Movie!

Happy 30 years to the Charming movie Bill Murry brought to us. I enjoy this comedy movie.

It wasn’t entirely filmed in NH and most of it was filmed in VA.

Ok Bob taking over Dr Marvin’s interview I feel was JUST LIKE Dennis the Menace of when upon Alice Mitchell’s canceled flight caused Dennis to stay for Mr Wilson’s Garden Party for the long awaited floor bloom of the orchid he tended to for 40 yr, he knew Dennis would ruin it for him, just as Dr Marvin wanted Bob out of the house before the Good Morning America Came as he felt Bob will ruin the moment for him, both characters ruin the moment that was their life’s work and are told to get out! At least of the 2 instances Mr Wilson felt guilty when Dennis ran away. And who played Marie from Good Morning America played Mrs Mitchell’s rude and snobby co worker that Dennis in the end of the movie caused to be stuck in the printer. All of this was like Buddy ruining the meeting that could save Walter’s Company and just like these instances Buddy be told to get out forever in a harsh manner.

What is your favorite part or parts of this movie?

For me : when Bob’s First Doctor Carswell refers Bob to Leo Marvin quitting to be rid of Bob which foreshadowed the movie, When Dr Marvin picks up Bob at the hospital and upon Bob asking for more therapy sessions daily Dr Marvin screams and slams on the breaks, Dr Marvin snap and pounce on Bob for attacking Leo’s sister, the Guttman’s yell Burn Burn, Leo scream no when Bob marries his sister and the epilogue. Guess what was in the epilogue.

I’d watch this around Finals in college as this movie came out that part of May and I’d lose it with the stress of finals.

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