Attention Folks.


Christmas is NEAR! Yes thats right. That means time for shopping and Christmas music. I love the decorations and how beautifully they are lit.


In addition, in 2 weeks the light up the Rockefeller Tree in NYC for Christmas Time and people ice skate by it. Many buildings will have Christmas decorations and will light up with Christmas music while changing to other colors . The Parks in Orlando will have Christmas Themed events such as: Universal Studios will have Christmas lights at Harry Potter land and Grinch stuff at Dr Seuss area. Disney World will have Mickey’s Merry Christmas which will include a parade and the castle light up icy white. Six Flags Parks have their own Christmas themed events as does Sea World. All parks have them only on selected days, usually weekends. Many big cities will have a Christmas Tree. Washington DC even has its own Christmas Tree which is the National Tree on Vermont Ave.


In addition, ABC Family’s Christmas movie line up is coming soon. A Popular Christmas movie to watch has been Elf. It is REALLY funny! Christmas Story, The Grinch and Home Alone are other Classics. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Please put your input in the comments below.



In addition to Christmas Time it’s traditionally Star Wars time as new Star Wars movies in this Trilogy and Stand Alone Han Solo sequel has and will have their release dates near Christmas.


More stories to come! I will make another Christmas post soon.