I was just in New York City to see the Rockefellar tree and many other buildings Christmas decorations. I went to see the tree lighting event but could not get in cause it was at capacity. I mean there was so many people. I could hear the celebrities talking. I was able to see them light the tree. It was like a New Years countdown and was pretty to see it go from a normal tree to a well decorated & beautiful tree. It is a tall and very pretty tree to look at. It’s even better looking at night. It is up until a few days into New Years. The tree lighting is a long awaited event for the city. People ice skate below the tree.


The rest of New York City has Christmas decorations on buildings that are beautiful and light up at night. Many places have Christmas like displays that move, such as the mirror in snow white. People stop and take pictures. They even have Christmas in New York stores. Macy’s is really in the Christmas spirit as it has Christmas displays in it’s window that move and people stop to look. They have Santa land on the top level with Santa’s elves, a train and you can sit in Santa’s lap saying what you want for Christmas. OH in addition I got the Old Man from Christmas Story.


New York is a fabulous place to visit Christmas time and I truly recommend it. In fact places every where have great Christmas decorations, like the Tilted Kilt having the Santa Hat on their knight. The White Marsh Avenue shopping center in Baltimore  has a Christmas tree with an ice skating rink.


Washington DC too has its own Christmas Events. They have a National Tree lighting ceremony at the end of November. It is near the White House. It’s a special event you need tickets for and gated off. There is security and I mean lots. The event has the president and Santa Claus.