I Dan Fife, owner of GoGetFifed, joined the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.  I did this as I felt it would be a shot in the arm for my business and to get more customers and clients. Plus to get out there more in the business field.  It is an honor to be part of such an organization. Here is their website http://www.lakesregionchamber.org/.


The first meeting I went to was recently at the Holiday Inn in Concord from 7 am to Noon. Other business owners, Carmen Gifford the owner of the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce and other members of other chamber of Commerce’s attended. We learned about stuff like small business loans and they can do a guarantee fee to customers if worst came to worst and if they can’t pay the fee, no loan. We learned of Small Business lending trends, 5 Cs of credit,  and how its a good idea to for a Community to help grow small businesses. They showed slide shows of their presentations and lecture. It was by a panel and they gave people the chance to ask questions. They had muffins, bagels and juice for refreshments.


There were businesses such as UNH (their role is Professional Development, Leadership and Training), TD Bank, USource and Minuteman Health that had tables of businesses cards and meet and greet with other business members. I went up to each table, meet the one running the stand, shook their hand and said who I am and what my company does. I gave them my business card and asked them for a business card from their company as I hope to do business them at some point.


Next Chamber of Commerce business meeting is March 22, 2017 at Gunstock Mountain called Meet and Greet. I am so looking forward to it. We have meetings periodically. Among them down the road is the Pumpkin Festival in which they sponsor. I encourage any of you business owners to join the Chamber of Commerce too.