Hello Fife Fans, it’s your favorite writer Daniel Fife. Happy Groundhog Day! Today is when the Winter is Half way over. The Winter starts to feel less dreary from then on.

This weekend is Pond Hockey Weekend in Meredith and it is a busy event that many go to watch. There is entertainment and food stands. There are bob houses on the lake and many have parties in them! Then tomorrow is the Super Bowl! That is an exciting Sunday for sports fans. Go Patriots! This is one of my favorite weekends in February. I feel so alive this weekend of Sunday!

The rest of the month is Valentines day so treat your lover well that day. The Ice Castles up north in Lincoln continue. It is Mass and NH vacation weekends! Don’t forget Presidents Day. That is also when car dealerships have great deals on cars!

Stay tuned as I keep you all updated!