Here is What isn’t canceled in 2020 (so far). I will give you a list of it and am searching around for for the stuff. I am glad at least High Schools held a graduation for the Class of 2020 in some way as they deserved it and it wouldn’t be fair to them to lose that after what they worked so hard for. I am really said how this Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic has canceled things I like doing year after year. When there is a vaccine i will throw a party. Places will and have reopened and will still run but at a limited capacity with social distancing and protocols. Please where masks where you go!

The List:

1. Shania Twain in Las Vegas (But it Could be Canceled) in later August.

2. Story Land in Glen / Intervale N.H. Reopens July 17.

3. Santa’s Village in Jefferson N.H. in Early July.

4. Sturgis Motorcycle Week in Sturgis, South Dakota is still on for August 7-16! It is the 80th and will be at a limited capacity.

5. Laconia NH.’s Motorcycle week is moved to August 22-30.

6. Boat Races in Maine on June 28, 2020:

7. Water Country Reopens in July with Safety Measures:

8. Fisher Cats Stadium Fire Works July 2-4 here:

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(Under Development for more to be added).