Testimonials of CKO KICKBOXING; Here is why people go and love to go back, more will be added to this. I will get more people’s testimonials and add them to this


Maegan: “the thing that I love about cko and the reason that I continue to come back is that it works! I have always worked out but nothing has changed my body and quickly and effectively as this one hour does! It is a stress reliever, it is fun and I have made some amazing friends. The hour flys by and I always feel good about myself after.


Kristy: “CKO kickboxing is awesome. All of the instructors are friendly , and Run excellent workouts… Each class I go to the workout is different which is great .”


Matt: “I used to teach martial arts for years, so it’s an exercise format I could relate to. What I enjoyed about going was anybody could adjust the workout intensity to fit their own abilities and goals. And all of the instructors had their own special techniques to make the work different every class. Also I loved watching everyone putting so much into their workouts. It inspired me.”



For Me (Daniel Fife): “It’s a great workout. The Instructors are friendly and have enthusiasm. Gotta Love Punch Punch Punching the Punching bag”.



Also put in Here who is Your Favorite Instructor in the Comment Thread.