Dan Fife in front of the Jurassic Park area in Toys R Us in Times Square

Dan Fife in front of the iconic Ferris Wheel in Toys R us in Times Square

Dan Fife as the Car Fox Advertising Mascot at AutoFinders in Laconia, NH

Dan Fife as the Car Fox Advertising Mascot at AutoFinders in Laconia, NH

Dan Fife as the Leprechaun Mascot for the Holy Grail in Laconia, NH

Dan Fife as the Leprechaun Mascot for the Holy Grail in Laconia, NH

27-Year-Old Woman To Become First Female Ever To Visit Every Country On Earth

This article talks about how a woman who is a traveling Ambassador visited EVERY COUNTRY on the planet. There are many pictures in the article above of her accomplishment and they are colorful and will excite you! She did many of the exciting things these places have to offer. She took pics of these places and never goes anywhere without her camera, I don’t too. That is quite an accomplishment and she was young to do it, as she was 27! Wow. You all know a special someone who accomplished going to all 50 states at age 31 in 2014. in July 2015 she had been to 181 countries with 15 left. She is quite dedicated and it takes a lot of dedication and determination to accomplish something like that. In the pics she looks happy and proud she has done this!

Last Week I saw took a boat with to Blue Lagoon Island in Bahamas from the Paradise Island. We had Dolphin Orientations learning about the Dolphins, and then we were allowed to explore the gift shop. We then went in a pool that connects to the ocean where we interacted with the Dolphins. Each Person, including myself, interacted with the dolphins with letting it kiss us, rib its belly, listen to it make noise, dance while music was playing and that was a fantastic experience. The Trainers reward the dolphins by feeding it fish and the dolphins are gentle and very harmless. The Dolphins are so smart that they are able to obey the trainers commands. They had Stingrays too. There were waterslides and eateries on the island too. I recommend you try it when you are out there and that will be a memorable thing.


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 Happy May EVERYONE and that Means Summer is Almost here. Paradise Beach Club reopens later this week. Go to it and have a great time! Last night was Fun Times at the Lakes Region Casino and Giuesppis, those are go to spots Saturday.

NEW GOGETFIFED CAPS  For wearing for baseball season! $25, next ones I order I want them to say fifed nation on them too!!! In this video is my announcement they are in!



It’s been two years since The Country Cow Restaurant in Campton was made over by The Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible starring Chef Robert Irvine. As a result of the show co owners Jennifer Leonzi and Head Chef Kerry Benton dissolved their partnership and Jennifer became sole proprietor.  With the large task of owning and operating the front and back of the house Jennifer enrolled in Chez Boucher Culinary Center in Hampton, NH.  An intensive 12 week program that consisted of hands on culinary training,  proper food handling, preparation and cost.   Along with a fresh new look to the building inside and now outside many new changes are underway as The Country Cow transitions to The Covered Bridge Farm Table in mid May.  Jennifer’s vision is to take the restaurant back to it’s roots, “The Covered Bridge Restaurant” as it’s original owners did in 1978, connecting the restaurant to the historic Blair covered bridge adjacent to the property.

Along with a new identity there will be a new menu featuring “Fresh Fusion.”  A Farm to Table attitude infused with Asian, French, Italian and Spanish cuisines as well as traditional selections and old favorites.  The menu will also showcase locally farmed products as well as fresh produce from the Covered Bridge Farm Table’s on site garden and farm stand.  Although it will not strictly be “Farm to Table,” the goal is to provide the freshest product possibly available. Jennifer has worked closely with Farmar’s View Farm on Seven Pines Road in Holderness the last couple summers to fine tune the garden on site as well as bring fresh plants and produce in daily in the warmer months.  Farmar’s View Farm also provides fresh and organic produce for purchase at the farmstand.  All natural Northeast raised ground beef will be used for burgers as well as Vermont grown St. Louis Pork Ribs and Tenderloin.   Fresh seafood such as haddock, scallops and shrimp will be delivered fresh from the docks of New Hampshire and Massachusetts’s Atlantic ocean.

With all of the new changes The Covered Bridge Farm Table will still offer the same relaxed comfortable atmosphere and friendly service.  Open Mic is featured Wednesday nights at 7pm, hosted by Jim Tyrrell and there is always  live music on Saturday evenings in the lounge.  Thursday, May 5th Matt Albee will be hosting Team Trivia night weekly and Sunday Brunch is from 10-1pm.  The outside patio overlooking the river will continue to be pet friendly and non smoking. Functions can be booked in the dining room, function room or off site for your special event.  We look forward to seeing you at The Covered  Bridge.

Last Night I went to J’s Tavern in Milford (located at Downtown in Union Square) for the FIRST TIME And my reviews of the place: you will love it, fun and friendly staff, great variety of food and outdoor seating. CHECK IT OUT. and Live Entertainment they have there 6 days a week. After that I went to a b-day party at Giuesppis where we had laughs. Then after I watched ppl sing Karaoke at Giuesppis (GO THERE FOR KARAOKE!) and I sang a duet at Karaoke! Below are my videos of a friend of mine singing her gig at J’s Tavern, me singing Karaoke at Giuseppes and this couple singing Karaoke at Giuseppes

Video commentary at the new Wal-mart in Manchester on Gold St. Its more modernized looking than the other Wal-marts. Thats what a chain has gotta do, keep updating. 8 yrs ago Wal-mart started a new logo and new inside look and since then to now all stores got remodeled to that standard. Today is a NICE AND SUNNY DAY, go have funnn in the sun get ice cream. King Kone is one of the most popular ice cream spots!

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