This has been a busy Summer. Already the 4th of July is next week and that is Braun Bay and Jetski time. Plus more tourists come to the Lakes Region to the Weirs, Naswa and Margate! There are fireworks in the Weirs that night!


OMG HOW can this summer be flying by! But it shows we are all having a good time!


We Just had Bike Week and that went by fast. It’s Already been a week since the dust of Bike Week Settled. Bike week hosted many vendors selling Biker gear in the Weirs. There were ride events like in the Speedway, Brendas Ride and the AMA Gypsy Tour which would leave from the Rally HQ (that’s on Lakeside Ave), chances to visit Motorcycle Demo HQ, Ride to Bentley’s Saloon in Arundel Me, etc. The Italian Faro hosted many bands in the tent called the Roadhouse plus had our Bike Week Favs the Flaunt girls do performing shows and a female Biker do dance moves in the back of a biker. The Naswa had the 94th Bike Week Anniversary party where they cut the cake and Peter Markis Memorial Run. Plus they had the yearly bikini contest which fills up the place. The Paradise Beach Club and Tower Hill hosted popular bands all day long and filled up. They were all successful and did a good job! TILL NEXT YEAR EVERYONE FOR BIKE WEEK! OH, another good part is how many from out of town and state come to it and that is also a reunion to friends you dont see in a while.


I encourage you all to make the best of your summer! Come on down to Laconia for the 4th of July and they have fireworks too!



Man this summer has gone by fast!

Memorial Day weekend has come and Gone! The Kick off of to the Summer 2017 season, esp in the Weirs Beach / Lake W area! It Started on Fri with me kickboxing with some great friends of mine at CKO Kickboxing!.


Then next the Margate Beach Bar reopened for the Season. Its located at the Margate Resort on the Pier. Many go boating near it. The beach bar fills up on weekends with customers. It’s fun to talk w the waitstaff there. They hold weddings on the property in the tent.


The Naswa and its NazBar had a successful grand opening, despite it was closed Fri due to bad weather. Saturday and Sunday made up for it as it got really busy! Many were having a good time. In the docking area is another place where people go boating and its across the water from a Marina. it’s a Popular spot for that. Many who went boating stopped in for a meal and or a martini. The Naswa is in a very good location as its right at Weirs Beach and a boating area! DJ Terry played music Sunday and even gave someone a birthday shoutout. The waitstaff did a good job waiting on customers. It’s awesome to have a martini on the sand there too.  The Naswa will have more specials and events to follow.


The Weirs Beach area was busy with vacationers and people riding on the train. Not Gonna lie. A side note a Zac Brown Concert was playing at Meadowbrook in Gilford and was a popular event! The Paradise Beach Club had Tiger Lilly and Sweep in the Leg Play and both bands did a great job and drew in large crowds. The place was busy and many had a good time with their friends. The outdoor patio is now open. Tower Hill had Axis Band play on Friday and Manchuka play Saturday. They drew in big crowds. Both Tower hill and Paradise Beach Club did a great job this weekend and will have more bands to come this season.


The weekend ended with me heading to DC and the Outer Banks in NC. Thatll be another story. Going to DC on Memorial Day was a great way to solute the Holiday.



Here is a Video of Scott Stapp by Creed Video at the Whiskey Barrel and soon I will write a story of the establishment and upcoming Events.

Taste the Sunglasses rainbow: Marketing Video by Dan Fife



Another Marketing Video by Dan Fife! Taste the Sunglasses Rainbow! It’s that time of year folks and its so gorgeous out that I am sure you could use a pair of GoGetFifed Sunglasses. They come in Purple, Orange, Yellow and Green. Only $5. I enjoy wearing mine!



Hello, everyone, it’s another fun filled story by our advertiser and storyteller Dan Fife! I am here to talk about Foxwoods and how I started going.


I went to Foxwoods March 18 for my birthday weekend which was a party after the party weekend and it was my FIRST TIME there. I met up w some Laconia friends there. The 2nd time I went there was May 6 weekend for a friend from Laconia’s birthday as her bf and friends invited me and I Drove all that way to go. Foxwoods is a 3 hour drive from me but worth it. I am surprised I never went before


Now of Foxwoods, It is a two level establishment and everything connected in one building. They have many parking garages that are free for parking. It is a wonderous establishment. You walk in and there is the Fox Tower. They have many hotel rooms that are awesome suits with TV and great bedding. When you check in it is a colorful atmosphere and says celebrating 25 years. Then you walk in the Casino area which has many casino slots. They have a bar and dancing area there called the CENTRALE Fox Tower and that is a big hit at night w a DJ playing music! The waitresses are friendly people. There is an upscale bar too. There is a Fox Theatre there where shows play by famous bands. There are shops and a mini food court there.


Now connecting to the Fox Tower is the Tanger Outlet malls which have many off price clothing stores such as our favs Forever 21, H&M etc. Great place to shop. It has a few restaurants. It has a great comic shop too. The Outlet mall is 2 levels and the 2nd level goes upstairs to the Casino.


Now past the Outlet malls is the Great Cedar Casino area which has more gaming and poker table slots! There is a mini downstairs nearby which has fine dining and among places has a wonderful restaurants named David Burke Prime and it has a huge 2 level display of wine glasses. 2 floors up is a very casual restaurant named Vue 24 with expensive food and a view of the casino out the window! Back to the main level, of Great Cedar Casino there are many eateries, a Sugar Candy Factory which is popular and has a wait to get in and they will serve you for your b-day and sing to you! There is a bar and Foodruckers nearby. Nearby is what becomes the Grand Pequot Tower which has more game slots! They have more shops, restaurants, Hard Rock Cafe, a display area for a Car and a very popular Festival Buffet which has a variety of food! There are tons of security too. the whole place is one circle too.


There is a Comic Book Convention June 10 and 11 and I intend to go to it! I have never been to it. There is a Pool Party I will be going to July 9 thats at 10 pm. I plan to go back also for my next birthday weekend. If you havent been to Foxwoods, I suggest you check it out as it’s a FUN FUN place!



Another story adventure by Dan Fife!


The Mount Washington recently took it’s first ride! Yes folks it’s that time of yera again. Not long after ice out and our beloved Lakes Region ship takes off for adventure! The Mount Washington has gained recognition in our area and I enjoy seeing it set sail when I am near the lake. When we had a restaurant called Weeks years ago, they had many ice scream scoops called a Mount Washington.


The Mount Washington it is a cruise ship. It holds balls every weekend. One of them is a Halloween ball that is near Halloween. I encourage any of you to go to these events. The Mount Washington even holds Mother’s Day Cruises and private events! The Eric Grant band has even played on the ship before. There are brochures of it’s weekly events you will find in places you visit.


When I was in college I had my senior cruise on the Mount Washington. There was dancing and having a good time. It was a memorable experience. We all dressed up nice like a prom.


In 2015 I saw a wedding take place on the Mount Washington. They tooted the horn at times in the ceremony. The couple was getting married at the edge of the deck.


Here is the Mount Washington Website



Hello GoGetFifed Followers, welcome to Story time by Dan Fife.


We are discussing how the Paradise Beach Club has reopened for the season and last night was its first night of the season. The Paradise Beach Club is open  from the first weekend of May to the last weekend of Halloween. It is located on 322 Lakeside Ave on the Weirs strip right of the Weirs Sign. I waited 6 months for this and now its here! I count down to this in the days nearing.


Inside the place has many beach themed decorations. I find it to be very creative. There is an outdoor patio as well and that is popular with patrons. They have a kitchen in where they serve dinner. Prime rib is among it’s most popular food specials.


Last Night was a good turn out at the Paradise Beach Club. There was DJ and music and people were dancing. Tonight the Barrs band play and they have been a good band that has come back to do business. Every Friday and Saturday they have a band play at the Paradise and it attracts a crowd who is really into the music. The bartenders are really friendly and are fast to serve customers. I have established myself with the place


The Paradise Beach Club gets really business on holiday weekends like Memorial Day weekend and 4th of July weekend. It also attracts people who love to boat and jetski on the lake. There is a VIP Section for people who frequent there a lot or are having a Bachelorette party. It is a great place to hold your birthday as well. This place is a super hit on Bike Week, but they have bands all throughout Bike Week and specials. Many of the people visiting for Bike week love to come here.


On the last Saturday of October they have a Halloween Party. It is $12 to get in and the number of tickets sold are based on capacity. It gets sold out and thus is a hit! Many people dress up in creative costumes. The place is very well decorated for the Halloween party. They have costume contests and who wins will win cash prizes. Among them is prettiest and best couples. I enjoy every bit of this event but sad its the last weekend for 6 months. It falling on Cinco De Mayo night was a good coincidence too. It opened one week after the Town Docks in Meredith opened, showing that summer is coming real real soon!


I advertise the Paradise Beach Club’s specials and list of events. I enjoy doing it and being a benefit to the business. They are a great place to advertise for.


The owners Brett and Lori Loring are the owners and very friendly people. They have owned the place since the early 2000s and have done a great job! The Paradise Beach Club attracts many out of towners and a great place for people to have some fun after a day of boating. I encourage any of you to visit as much as possible and have a great time! I always get excited when it is going to open for the season.


here is its website: and it’s Facebook page


Here is a list of Pics of the business




Ok with it getting warmer and the snow and ice melting, Ice Out is probably soon. Ice Out is when all the ice n the lakes melt and when boats and ships can pass through. Some places even give you a gift card if your prediction is right. When do you predict Ice Out is? For me my prediction is Between April 21 and 25. Put in your predictions in this story.


Hello Folks, Today is the long anticipated Fenway Opening Day! That’s right many are excited for it and count down to it. Even many many of my friends are there now and you will find it on your news feed. I am not going due to how crowded it will be would, but would love to hear about it. Tis the start of many games and concerts at this exciting venue that’s over 100 years old. The Pittsburgh Pirates are playing against the Red Sox for opening Day. There will be a lot to look forward to in the future for this season. The recent snow storms didn’t stop or delay opening day! But fear not as its a nice and sunny day in the 50s today.  GOOOO SOX NATION!!!!!!!


Hello everyone it’s another story by Dan Fife the Advertiser. I am here to discuss the Snow Storm of the 2000s Century that just happened in New England. The snow storm was called Storm Stella. One who has a baby named Stella jokingly made a comment of that. It happened all throughout March 14, 2017 and got worse as the day went on. I call it snowpocalpyse too.


To start, the snow storm was on the watch since that previous weekend. There were 1000 school cancellations all over NH, and probably lots more in the Rest of New England. Many restaurants, businesses and national chains (even CVS and Rite Aid) in Laconia shut down by 3 pm, almost every really.  I went to the Burlington Mall the day after and they and the Buffalo Wild wings across the street (probably more along with them too) told me they shut down during the storm. But Fratello’s in Lakeport and Hannaford in Gilford told me they were open during the storm. I had almost no dinner at my place as I wasn’t prepared for the storm to be that bad cause I am not used to everything being shut down and a neighbor brought me dinner. When I walked to the 405 to find that it was closed, the sidewalks were almost unusable due to excess snow and  It seemed to be about 2 feet and was one of the worst snow storms I have ever seen.  There were even travel bans in Mass.


The snow storm had some bad aftermath. Many lost power during the storm and some time after it.In addition, many people who work at home lost work time! Trees were down. Schools had a 2 hour delay the day after. Many roads and parking lots are narrow due to snow storms. This has also caused slow drivers. There are snow banks taller than me. Even on March 16, my birthday, there were vehicles removing the snow banks.


Here are pictures to show what I mean of that Super Storm. Do any of you recall snow storms as bad as this or worse?

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