GO PATRIOTS (and Larry Bird) and Congrats for winning!! Good Luck in………. being in the Super Bowl (the 52nd)! Only 14 Days to go! Everyone is excited and happy they won! On the Super Bowl Day Bars will be packed with people watching the Game. Justin Timberlake sings in the Half Time Show. I bet he will sing Can’t Stop this Feeling in it. I hope I am right of that as I was 2 yrs ago when I guessed Uptown Funk would be in the Half Time Show, and I was right! The Super Bowl will be held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis! More Details For the Super Bowl on the way as it nears!, as the other team to play has yet to be determined. Watch out on Commercials!


Where are you all watching the Super Bowl?

today is Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Patriots! GO PATRIOTS!


Only 2 more weeks till the Super Bowl!

Here are Maps of Snowmobile trails are available at Brookside Pizza, when you go to get some tasty pizza! Tap Sports Bar has a sign welcome Snowmobile fans sign and lots of snowmobilers come in to eat, watch a sports game, play pool and socialize!


The Tap Sports Bar (adjacent to Brookside Pizza) in Belmont NH hosted the 2nd Annual Let It Snow which was hosted by the NHSA Easter Seals Ride in Committee, 50/50 Benefit to Camp Sno last Saturday. The Turnout was great as it was packed, every table full of customers ordering food and participating in the great cause, especially snowmobilers who love to frequent the Tap. The bartenders and staff worked hard to serve the attendants. There was a silent auction and Raffles. It was $10 to get in. They raised over $2,800. The Axis Band played during the event.


Here are Pictures and videos of the event. Great Job to Michael and Jeremy!



GOOD LUCK LARRY BIRD and the New England Patriots on the big football game today!





2018 will be a FUN YEAR with movies!


One to await!Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is one to look forward to and according to the trailer It will be a dinosaur rescue mission from an exploding volcano.  It comes out June 22!


The new Insidious movie is out!


Watch out for a Peter Rabbit movie comes out this Feb 9.


Marvel Black Panther comes out Feb 16


Pacific Rim sequel comes out March 23!


Watch out for Avengers Infinity War! The Avengers will Team UP with the Guardians of the Galaxy!


For Marvel movies Stan Lee always makes a Cameo


A Stand Alone Han Solo movie comes out May 25!


Deadpool 2 comes out June 1!


Ant man 2 is out July 6


August 8 is a Barbie Movie


October 19 Evil is a foot as A Halloween sequel that ignores all the others comes out! It has Laurie Strode 40 yrs later. Same Date a Jungle Book movie named Mowgli (with Bennedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan, wow he would fit the part for that role) and Goosebumps Horror Land comes out.


November 9, comes the Grinch animated movie with Bennedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch.


December 14 A Silly Spider-man movie comes out


Aquauman’s own movie comes out December 21!


On Xmas Day Bohemian Rhapsody comes out!


here is a list of movies


Here is my Press Release I had in the Laconia Sun Recently and aim to have on WMUR:


Gogetfifed Gives Back
Laconia, NH – Daniel Fife, owner of Laconia, NH based GoGetFifed Marketing / Advertising / Merchandising / Photography Firm, is pleased to announce they sold-out their 2018 GoGetFifed Calendars. Fife, who is Autistic, is a local celebrity and a driven young man who’s website is an entertainment website featuring many businesses throughout New Hampshire.
“The Calendars were a huge hit and sold like hot cakes.” states Fife who has donated $600 of my sales to Autism Speaks Charities. “I am very happy to help out and I Am proud of my success, philanthrophy, dedication and hard work.”  He wants to Thank all who loved the art work and quality of my calendars. “You have all been great customers!”
Dan Fife is already planning next years 2019 Calendars.  It will have several improvements and he is eager to continue to help Autism Charities.
For more information visit;

Welcome 2018 video! 2018 – I plan to have a great year with more business ventures, products and photography jobs. Late 2017 was a sucess and the 2018 Calendars I sold were a HIT! I Am very proud of my success and look forward to continuing.

Changes in 2018 will be more advertising goes on my website and website posts (I Will put Facebook posts to direct you to changes on my website), as business is swelling. There will be creative commercials.


  • Dan Fife – Owner of GoGetFifed


Calendar’s $15 still for sale and a low quantity is left. I have worked very hard to sell them and am proud of my work. The artwork, quality and pictures wow many! They are limited edition. I donate some of the proceeds to Autism Speaks! Order yours here or see me in person

November was a successful month for me in business. I got more fame with my calendar selling by having WMUR talking about it and being in the Laconia Sun. People were proud of me. My 2018 GoGetFifed Calendars have been selling like hot cakes! They have unique pictures and dates. You gotta see it for your self and you will love love love them as many have. I donate some of the proceeds to Autism Charities. I want to get more exposure.



To be successful in running a business you have to work, hard put a lot of time into your business, be driven, not take time off responding to clients, make goals and take them seriously, get more exposure like being on TV And the newspaper. You put your mind to it and you can do it! Expand and you succeed!

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