I am excited for Summer, as it will be warmer weather, beach bars reopen, and longer days. I look forward to revisiting Paradise Beach Club, Tower Hill Tavern, Naswa and Margate again. The Margate is a beach bar by the Margate Inn and has music gigs and a great location by the water front. Naswa has drink and food specials, and music gigs from time to time. Paradise Beach Club is a beach bar place with a beach atmosphere what you find in the Florida Keys. Paradise Beach Club holds bands Tower Hill Tavern holds bands upstairs! Bike Week is in 80 days!!!! I am so excited! It’s on the Weirs Beach and a lot of it is on the Italian Faro Grille Property. Bike Week attracts many visitors who always look forward to coming up.


Many people come up here for the Summer for the Lake and boating. There is a Sunday thing in Braun Bay where many go out to have fun!


I am looking Forward to Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom that comes out in 93 days!


Sad Part of Summer is Toys r us will be extinct.


Here are samples of the Summer:

Here are Whiskey Barrel Testimonials of why people love the Whiskey Barrel, what makes them go back and what band they like? More will be added



Sarah: “I like the different crowds it draws there always different people and it’s always a good time. Service is good and my fave is Jodie Cunningham and Eric Grant


Rebekah: “I love the whiskey barrels atmosphere. The stage and lighting set up is professional and provides a great “concert” experience. I enjoy that they have a mix of both live music and DJs to reach all crowds. My favorite entertainment thus far at the whiskey barrel has been Easton Corbin, however I do enjoy the Laconia Nights DJ crew!


Dennis and Laurie : “The Sound System and the way the bar is set up. We go back for the music and atmosphere. Our Favorite Band is Scott’s Stabb from Creed, Everclear and ACDC Cover Band


Liana: “The Bands are what I like. They are very entertaining”.


Phil: “I’m biased so my band is my favorite. What keeps me going back is Matt! He is a great guy. Always makes us feel at home! But seriously there’s too many good bands to name”


Larissa: “I really like the fact that it’s local- as I live really close by so it’s really convenient. They also have a great staff, and a lot of things to do so I’m not always just standing around. I don’t remember the name of the band I like, but the singer is a blonde woman and they’re so good!


Lea: “The whiskey barrel has great bands, strong drinks, friendly staff and sometimes no cover charge. I like Eric grant band because they play music for everyone , a little county, pop, rock. They play a bit of everything.”


Anonymous: “ reason I go to the whiskey barrel because they have some pretty cool bands that come and play!! And it’s easy for me to walk down there from my place because I don’t have a car too travel.


Stephanie: “I like to go and see Jodie”.


Jay : “I can’t wait for the Midget Wrestling this weekend and I loved the last one”.





Ok the temperatures are getting warmer and some the ice is melting. When all the ice is gone and the ships and boats can move around, ICE OUT is declared. It normally occurs in April and some years in March.

Name your predictions what date when ICE OUT will occur.



Testimonials of CKO KICKBOXING; Here is why people go and love to go back, more will be added to this. I will get more people’s testimonials and add them to this


Maegan: “the thing that I love about cko and the reason that I continue to come back is that it works! I have always worked out but nothing has changed my body and quickly and effectively as this one hour does! It is a stress reliever, it is fun and I have made some amazing friends. The hour flys by and I always feel good about myself after.


Kristy: “CKO kickboxing is awesome. All of the instructors are friendly , and Run excellent workouts… Each class I go to the workout is different which is great .”


Matt: “I used to teach martial arts for years, so it’s an exercise format I could relate to. What I enjoyed about going was anybody could adjust the workout intensity to fit their own abilities and goals. And all of the instructors had their own special techniques to make the work different every class. Also I loved watching everyone putting so much into their workouts. It inspired me.”



For Me (Daniel Fife): “It’s a great workout. The Instructors are friendly and have enthusiasm. Gotta Love Punch Punch Punching the Punching bag”.



Also put in Here who is Your Favorite Instructor in the Comment Thread.



THIS WAS An amazing Weekend at the Whiskey BARREL with awesome recognizable country bands! Pics have the Turnout as well! Welllllll this coming weekend will be exciting as FRIDAY IS SWEEP THE LEG which is A HIT!, SATURDAY IS BRIANNA GRACE! Another weekend to look forward to! Matt, the owner, has done such a great job making weekends here something to look forward & has worked hard to make this happen! The 3rd picture is merchandise that the Whiskey Barrel is selling. Come on in and purchase a T shirt or Tank Top!

I have Videos of :









Happy Valentines Day and with Love by


Watch out for Testimonials of my advertisers soon.

The Midgets with Attitude Turnout at the Whiskey Barrel was FANTASTIC and drew in a crowd. A Female named Pinky was the star in the ring. Everyone was cheering for her. She even did lap dances. They Sold T Shirts of Midgets with Attitude T Shirts at Stands!


Here is a Video of a sample of the Event.



Pictures of the EVENT and how it drew in a crowd. The Owner Did A GREAT JOB!

I Am sad to see that the Patriots lost last night. The Philadelphia Eagles Won.


Give your predictions to what teams will play in the 2019 Super Bowl. And Who will be in the Half Time Show?

Super Bowl Video!


Only 68 Minutes to the game!

Who Will Win the Super Bowl LII Today? The Philadelphia Eagles? or N.E. Patriots?


They are playing in the Minneapolis U.S. Bank Stadium today.


How many of you would love to see the Super Bowl in person

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