Hello followers, I am here to talk about 2 movie ideas of some types of movies that have surprisingly not been out yet. Be Entertained!

One Idea I have is a movie of the theme of brick and mortar vs online shopping. It will feature a team of business people studying how online shopping is causing a brutal beating in physical retail stores. They will compare how old TVs ya had like in the 1980s have been replaced with more modern TVs and name the other chains that have closed in the Amazon age. They will try to get brick and mortar clients and give them ideas how to beat the internet like unique shopping services and in store experiences. There will be some conflicts in the movie, but it all wins in the end and ya see shoppers going to stores more.

Another movie idea is of the Super Bowl and the Patriots in the game. The New England Patriots aim to beat the Kansas City Chefs . There are a group of main characters of fans who idolize the New England Patriots and contact the Patriots of winning. They are scheduled to play the Foxboro Stadium! They have many games the Super Bowl Day and there is a conflict of the KC Chefs already having more wins. The team is down on their luck and get in an argument. This group of friends that idolize them feel sad and contact the Patriots and give them an inspiration to win. The Super Bowl game continues and the Patriots wins catch up with the Chefs and they win the Super Bowl. There is a great cheer! The team is proud of their win! The group of friends is too. The Patriots vow next season to achieve the same victory!

Hello, followers, I am here to talk about movies that will be out in 2019! Here is a URL To talk about what is to come:

We have already had Escape Room and How to Train Your Dragon come out. Hit movies I project will be Toy Story 4, Avengers 4, Star Wars 9, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Sonic the Hedgehog, Joker, Aladdin and Lion King.

Release Dates for the movies as follows (credited by are:

  • February 14 Valentines Day Isn’t that Romantic Comes out!
  • February 22 How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Comes out
  • March 1 Is Cliffs of Freedom, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral, Fighting with My Family are coming out!
  • March 8 Captain Marvel
  • March 15 Wonder Park
  • March 29 Dumbo
  • April 5 DC MOVIE Shazam
  • April 5 Pet Semetary
  • April 12 Hellboy!
  • April 12 Missing Link
  • April 19 Disney Nature movie Penguins
  • April 26 Avengers Endgame
  • April 26 Aftermath
  • May 3 Ugly Dolls
  • May 10 Pokemon Detective Pikachu
  • May 10 Tolkien
  • May 17 John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum
  • May 24 Aladdin!
  • May 31 Godzilla
  • June 7: Secret Life of Pets
  • June 14: Men in Black: International
  • June 21 Toy Story 4
  • June 21 Child’s Play remake
  • June 28 Limited Partners
  • July 3 Annabelle
  • July 5 Spiderman Far From Home
  • July 19 Lion King
  • July 26 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • August 2: Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
  • August 2: New Mutants
  • August 2: Dora
  • August 9: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • August 16: Angry Birds
  • August 16: Playmobil: the Movie
  • August 23: The Angel has Fallen
  • September 6: IT Part 2
  • September 13: Spies in Disguise
  • September 20: the Kitchen
  • September 20: Abominable by Dreamworks
  • September 26: the Hunt
  • October 4: Joker
  • October 11: Addams Family
  • October 11: Zombieland Too
  • October 11: Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  • November 1: Terminator 6
  • November 1: Charlie’s Angels
  • November 8: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • November 8: Kingsman: The Great Game
  • November 15: Marge Claus
  • November 15: Last Christmas
  • November 22: Frozen 2
  • December 13: Jumanji 3
  • December 20: Star Wars Episode 9

What movies do you look forward to that will be out this year? For me Avengers End Game, Captain Marvel, Toy Story 4, It Part 2, Aladdin, Spiderman Far From Home, and Lion King! You can list in the comments part what movies you look forward to. We would love to hear it!

Today is 77 years since the Pearl Harbor Infamy Occurred.



gives many descriptions of the Attack on Pearl Harbor that happened 77 years ago today. It was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service against the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii that morning. It was called the Battle of Pearl Harbor that lead the US to go to World War too. It was labeled as Hawaii Operation by the Japanese Military Leadership. Japan had wanted the attack as a preventive action to keep the United States Pacific Fleet from intervening with its planned military actions in Southeast Asia against overseas territories of the United Kingdom, Netherlands and the US. in 7 hours there were coordinated Japanese attacks on the U.S. held Philippines, Guam and Wake Island and on the British Empire in Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong. The attack began 7:48 am Hawiian Time, Our Time 1:48 pm, and the base was attacked by 353 Imperial Japanese aircraft in 2 waves. All the battleships that were attacked and damaged, 4 sank, the USS Arizona was raised later. This attack was a big shock to many. Franklin Roosevelt called this a day of Infamy!


There is a movie called Pearl Harbor based on the attacks that came out in 2001 (The 60th year of after it happened) and it was a Love Story!. YouTube can show footage of the attacks.


I went to Pearl Harbor Museum on Oahu Island In Hawaii in the town of Pearl Harbor right outside Honolulu. It had many posters of the History of the Attack inside the museum and outside, the ship the USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma with memorials of the lives lost, as well as a Flag. The Tour Guides in the Ships were dressed as Sailors. This is a great tourist attraction. I went there on Memorial Day of 2014. God Bless our Solders.


Today is the Red Sox Victory Parade (after they won after going against the Dodgers) and on Halloween too! Here are details of the event and it starts at 11 am:


Have a great time! and go to Salem Mass to make the best of your day!

Happy October Folks! This has been and will be an active month for the Fife. I have Calendars I am producing and trying to capture new business deals in addition to more photography gigs. Also I am at various Fun stuff.


Tomorrow (October 14, 2018) I go to to the Rock in Shock Convention in Worcester Mass where it is a convention and show case of Horror Movies and ya get to have autographs with celebrities. Here is the URL :


Today (October 13, 2018) the 4th Pumpkin Festival here in Laconia, NH is going on. All sorts of food vendors and vendors of various establishments, The 405 Beer Tent, the Walk up the stairs to see the view of the Pumpkin Festival, Mike Testa State Farm Cornhole Toss, Pumpkin Carvings, the Pumpkin tosses, the Zombie Walk and Run Away Pumpkin 5 and 10ks. The Local schools participated in the pumpkin carvings and carved pumpkins could be found all over. Some did a creatively decorated one. There is a holding of the pumpkins in the center of the event. I ran the Runaway pumpkin but it was raining! TILL NEXT YEAR with the Pumpkin Festival and great job Laconia Chamber of Commerce. Here are pictures of the event.



Earlier this Month I went on a Trip to Florida to the central part to the Parks Halloween events that I do every year. I flew out of Portsmouth Pease Air Force Base as I got a cheap deal and flew direct to Orlando Sanford Airport and I flew out Sept 30 and stayed in Daytona Beach for the Night. The Next Morning I went to the Ocean at Daytona Beach and went to some shops. I love Daytona’s Ocean Atmosphere. Then next, I drove to St Augustine where I went to the Alligator Farm. I saw real alligators and a pen of many many of them and ya get to throw food at them. I saw exotic birds and turtles. I saw a show of a trainer with the gators. Next I went to the Lighthouse, then Target and the beach. At the Beach I made a wrong turn due to how St Augustine is hard to navigate due to how the roads were built 500 years ago and my car was stuck in the sand. I had to have someone tow my car out. I thanked them for it. I had lunch at Bojangles in St Augustine. Next I went to the Bass Pro Shops in Daytona Beach. After that I went to the Mount Dora area where I saw huge lakes and even an alligator sign and went to the retail stores. After that I went to Apokka where I went to sight-see and was your typical town.  Then I went to the Christmas Tree Shops in Alamonte Springs. After that I went to the HUGE HUGE FLORIDA MALL which has a huge variety and a Crayola Store, M&M Store, Zara, H&M and lots more and is immune to the Amazon Effect. Then I had dinner at Freddys Steakburgers and Frozen Custard in Orlando and went to my motel in Kissimmee for the night. The next morning I WENT TO DISNEY WORLD, the Happiest place on Earth. I got to the park at 8 am to beat the crowds. I went to Hollywood Studios to the NEW TOY STORY LAND FIRST to beat the crowds and got there at 9 am. It was still a 45 min wait on the Slinky Dog Rollercoaster which was a fun ride. I then I had pictures with Jessie and Woody and went on the Aliens twirling Cups Ride. Next I went on the Tower of Terror which was scary as it goes up high and then down. Next I took the bus to Magic Kingdom where it rained and I watched the Parade and show at the castle. I went to Fantasyland to the Beauty and the Beast area. I went to Ariel’s Grotto to have a selfie with Ariel and on the ride. Next I attended the awaited Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Event which is a Halloween themed event and the Magic Kingdom is decorated for it. It had special Halloween treats, Halloween music with the Castle and buildings lit up in Halloween colors, a show at the Castle of Oogie Boogie and the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. There was trick or treating in many areas. There was a Halloween Ball. There was a Boo Too You Parade where they sing Boo To You and many characters good buys and bad guys on parade floats. Last was a Fireworks display at the Castle with Villain songs and The Castle Changing Colors. I spent 15 hours at Disney. Next I went to my motel in Kisssimmee. Next Morning I went to Universal Studios. I went on the New Fast and Furious Super Charged Ride which had a display of cars and a car ride in LA Setting. Next I went on the ET Ride (The only original ride left), Transformers and the Simpsons area. In the Simpsons area I had selfies taken with Sideshow Bob and the Simpson family. It was a warm weather day. I then went back to my motel on International Blvd to recharge my phone. I then went back to Universal Studios to Halloween Horror Nights 28. Its an event where they have haunted houses and many actors dressed up to scare people and with chainsaws and fog in some areas. They had a Class of 1985 stage show, Scare zones such as Killer Klowns from Outer space and Halloween lights on a building. They had many different haunted houses ya go through like Strangers Things and Halloween 4 where they have props set up for those series and people jump out to scare you. I got fast pass and went to Strangers Things first (without fast pass was a 90 min wait) and it even had a kitchen with Christmas lights and a plant monster, I next went to Pantrologist, Halloween 4 (Michael Myers would come at you with his knife), Trick R Treat (an anthology film of 4 stories and it had props in that and Sam comes out in it), Seeds of Extinction, Scary Tales and a Carnival Grave Yard. I saw a Scare zone of Revenge of Chucky where they had a bill board of Good Guy Dolls and Chucky talk to people and being a wise ass. Next I had dinner at Hooters on International Blvd and then back to my motel. International Blvd host many resorts, clubs, a Ferris Wheel, Convention Center and Restuarants. Next Morning I went to Volcano Bay which is a Water Park on the Universal Studios property that opened last year. I was going to go up the high up waterslide shaped like the volcano but it was too high to go up and I got scared. I went on 3 other waterslides and they were fun and a great ride. The ride on water slides can tire me out. Then I had lunch at Freddys Steakburgers and went to Publix. Last I went to The Orlando Sanford Airport to head home which I got home safe and went out.

Pictures of the Trip


Earlier this week I went to the Sandwich and Fryeburg Fairs.

Yesterday in Laconia was a happening day with a Craft Beer & Wine Festival at Funspot and a Benefit Dinner at Brookside Pizza Tap Sports Bar in Belmont!


Of the Craft Beer & Wine Festival that was at Funspot from 1 to 4 pm yesterday!! and There was a Car Show too! It was to support our Veterans!

3rd Annual Red, White & Brew



Yesterday was Bolsterle’s Battle Benefit as one of my friends mother is battling cancer and a benefit event was raised for it. There was a Silent Auction Raffling these things: Fit Focus – Laconia, NH – gift basket with 1 month membership and 5 guest passesGateway Spa – $25.00 gift card

Lakeside Famous Roast Beef And Pizza – $20.00 gift card

CKO Kickboxing Belmont– 2x 3 month membership

doTERRA Essential Oils – gift basket $54.00 value

Rochester Ford NH – Filter service kit for 2010-2016 Ford 6.71 liter $ 184.05 value

Danica B. Photography – mini photo session valued at $175.00

T-Bones & Cactus Jack’s of Laconia – $25.00 gift card

Inspired to Pick-Fit – 1 month of unlimited classes $ 149.00 value
2 days of classes per week for one month $119.00 value

Kettlehead Brewing– $25.00 gift card

and Concert Tickets to see Ashley McBryde Dec 14 at the Sinclair in Cambridge MA), $50 for 4 tickets to Eric Paslay at the Whiskey Barrel and more!!!!

The bids went up and up, like people bidded for like $700 and we had a winner. I raffled my a GoGetFifed T Shirt and it reached a $50 bid! The event had a great great turnout. There was a Buffet too.

Here are Pictures for the event:


This weekend was the Deerfield Fair, I didnt make it this year but here are pictures I took of it when I went last year.


It is Fair Season and Halloween Celebration Season. Make the best of these events! Fall is underway and the leaves look pretty! October 13 and 14 is the Pumpkin Festival  and here is a link to the event: There is the Rock N Shock Horror Convention in Worcester : They have Displays related to horror stuff and you can meet celebrities but ya have to pay to get their autograph!


Enjoy the Fall and October!


Here are Testimonials by customers of the Stumble Inn


Jennifer: “Great Food and Great Prices”


Katie B: “The Stumble Inn is a nice local place in Londonderry that they have fixed up over the years. They have live music, trivia and an outdoor patio with a TV and bar. They have great food at great prices. My favorite is the steak tip dinner. They even do take out!”

Testimonials of why people like the Paradise Beach Club


Dan N: “Funnel is my favorite band”.


Frank J: “This place has a setting like Key West”

Ya can see that the world evolves due to technology.


says that the Hand Held Camera will be one of those things, well people use their phones to take pictures. Photographers use professional high quality cameras for their photography jobs.


The Wallet is one but what of where to keep our IDs?


The Desktop is another that may be gone. Smaller Laptops and mobile devices have made that obsolete.


The House Key will be obsolete. Smarthomes and home automation are starting to be developed.


TV will be obsolete. Well ya can watch TV on your laptop and on Netflix. Cable and Network Stations could go! That may be gone by 2020.


At least Retail was not mentioned in obsolete. We still need a store to walk into and look at stuff. But Technology can change the world!

July 29, 2018 had Teagan’s Ride for United Cerebral Palsy Poker Run where the ride starts at Covered Bridge Farm Table in Campton, NH to Broken Spoke on the Laconia / Meredith NH Line. THE DAY IS NOT OVER AND COME ON OVER TO THE BROKEN SPOKE! Here are pictures of the event! They have T Shirts Too!

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