Today is Fenway Opening Day. Many of my friends are excited about it! This here gives great details on the opening day! Fenway has been a staple since April 20, 1912! Today is time to play ball and have fun!

It is getting warmer out and the ice is starting to chip off the lake. When all the lake has no ice and when boats and ships, including the Mount Washington, can sail all through all points in the lake, they declare Ice Out. On average that is in later April.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Give a guess when you predict Ice Out will be?

The Boston Red Sox

Today March 28, 2019 is Opening Day at the Red Sox. Many of my Facebook followers are excited! Today they play against the Seattle Mariners. Here is a link to their schedule: and

Here is a story on this ghost finding in a Supermarket

Where the so called ghost was spotted!

Wow, a Ghost is said to have been seen in this Market Basket in Wilmington Mass: in this article . A woman saw a woman with light skin, long dark hair, blue eyes and dressed in traditional Victorian garb. It grabbed attention on FB. I feel this should be on Ghost Adventures! A Toys r us that was in Sunnyvale Cali was said to be haunted! Some dismiss such nonsense, but the store may love the media sensation of it.

To talk about that trip where I got robbed is comparable to National Lampoon’s Vacation. I had my stuff stolen from my motel like my wallet and laptop; the family had their cash swindled by mechanics where they made lousy repairs and had hubcaps stolen from their car; and me dealing with uncooperative people like the front desk person at that Red Roof Inn. When having money wired some places required a photo ID which was stolen. The Airport said credit cards are required to book and I had only cash that was wired to me and they knew I was stuck ; just like the desk clerk at National Lampoon’s vacation that said he cannot accept this check without a major credit card and he knew they were stuck! This they have protocols they have to follow I feel isn’t good as the person is stranded

My trip was a relief to get home and thanks to all that helped me!

NEVER Stay at Red Roof Inn North in Austin as that is where I got robbed and many others.

By the Luck of the Irish, today is St Patricks Day.

Come to the Boston St Patrick’s Day Event, This list details of the St Patricks Day Parade: . I went last year and had a great time, it was crowded but still I was in the St Patricks Day Spirit. Boston is a great place to go to that and a sister city of Dublin Ireland. Ireland holds many St Patricks Day stuff. Google it and enjoy!

Come and bar hop at all your St Patricks Day events all over your area. You will have a great time with Irish music and green beer!

The Leprechaun 1993 horror movie is a St Patricks Day fav! Enjoy and watch!

Hello everyone, It’s me yours truly, the marketing manager Daniel Fife! I am here to talk about the iconic and famous or infamous Clown Motel in Toponah NV near the center of this small isolated town. It is an iconic motel that’s been around since the 1980s. I stayed at this motel on February 26, 2019! It was a great experience and on my bucket list! They had
Clown decorations and dolls in the front lobby as well as souvenirs like shot glasses, clown noses, and t shirts. The rooms are ok and there is a portrait of a clown with a boy in the room. The Room Numbers have clowns on them. The motel is near an old cemetery. I feel it gives an eerie family. This motel is said to be haunted but I don’t believe it. Many find this motel creepy. True the setting could give one nightmares. The clowns there seem to be happy clowns. It can be a circus of a stay. Is it really America’s scariest motel like it’s been said? I didn’t think so. It was a pleasure to stay there and a memorable experience. I wont be surprised if a horror movie is made out of this. I wonder how this place contributes to HAlloween.

This motel was on the show Ghost Adventures and here are the YouTube Links: , ,

Here is the URL to the Motel:

21 Days Until St Patricks Day, 24 Days Until Spring, 56 Days Until Easter, 90 Days Until the Beach Bars in Laconia Open & When Aladdin Live Action is out, 92 Days till Memorial Day, 104 Days Until June 8 MotorCycle week In Laconia, 117 Days Until First Day of Summer, 130 Days until the 4th of July, 145 Days until the new Lion King, 194 Days Until IT PART 2, 249 Days Until Halloween, 299 days until the Last Star Wars, 311 Days Until a NEW DECADE (2020), 838 Days Until Jurassic World 3 (the Last Jurassic Park), 852 Days until the New Batman,

Put below countdown days till an event of your own!

Me saluting Autism Awareness

Hi, Fans and Followers, it’s me Daniel Fife again and I have a story to write about of how people can still be successful while on the autism spectrum. Having it one will face challenges, but can be successful too. Despite what some may believe, some can live on their own. There are some that can’t and don’t speak. Everyone is different on the spectrum. Some have become inventors (I will cover that later). I have been able to make friends despite having it and i have a ton of friends. Some people don’t understand the autism spectrum, some do. I was able to graduate college on my own, but it took 5 years as I couldn’t handle all 15 credits and I went through a lot of struggles and was off to a bad start but I turned around. I am able to be in crowded places despite that it can cause sensory issues.

I, myself am on the autism spectrum. I face challenges and struggles, but I work through it and HARD! I am smart at some things like numbers, birthdays and have an extensive visual memory. I aim and strive to be successful in life. I live on my own.

As some of you heard recently, this 24 year old woman from Florida named Haley Moss became a lawyer and is the first one in Florida to practice law with autism. When Haley was 3, her parents worried about her delayed speech. Her parents thought she would not hold a job or have friends. Haley had graduated from University of Florida with a law degree! In college Haley wrote 2 books including “A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students with the Autism Spectrum Disorders”. She never let what people said deter her from her dreams. sources: and gives more on the story. This was so sensational that it was on TV.

Here is a list of people who have Autism; . The people in there are famous writers, inventors, actors and directors, all whom are brilliant

Inventors like Albert Einstien had autism. He was socially awkward but was brilliant. My favorite Director Tim Burton. He has made some great works like Beetlejuice, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, and Nightmare Before Christmas. He has a wife whom had said that she loves everything about him. He works in silence. Dan Akyroid is on the list of people with autism and he is a great actor too and has been on Saturday Night Life as well and he was Ray in Ghostbusters.

in 2012 there was a Miss Montana with Autism.

I feel touched to have shown the strengths of people who have autism.

It’s that time again folks. Didnt ya think ya didnt get enough of the Pond Hockey Games? Well this weekend is the Fishing Derby in Meredith hosted by the Rotary Club!

Here is the URL: and details are listed in there! There will be drawings and cash prizes!

Here are Pictures of the Display of the Fishing Derby and Merchandise to be sold. It is right outside of Lago and across Mill Falls Market Place in Meredith NH. They describe many of the fishes!

More Stories will come!

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