TODAY IS OPENING DAY AT FENWAY IN BOSTON!!!!! It will be crowded with many excited fans. Opening Day is always a big one! It’s the 118th season! What a memorable Thursday it will be this year too!


Today it’s Red Sox Against the Tampa Bay Rays. The gates open 1.5 hours before games! People have been advised to come early! Oh I cannot wait to see how the outcome will turnout!


GO RED SOX! I Am rooting for ya!


Ted Williams was a Major League Baseball player in Fenway Games and am american hero. You did really great in the games you played!


Here is a list of Fenway’s events (in addition to Red Sox Games, they even have concerts here):


I feel many restaurants, pubs and shops benefit from being near Fenway as Fenway will generate traffic to their businesses. Target nearby even has a merchandise assortment catering to Fenway gear! I cannot shake how Tilted Kilt didnt make it near Fenway! It should have done well.


There are seats called the Green Monster Fenway. It is the High Left Field! I admit it’s expensive but it’s worth it as it has a great view. They have great dinner arrangements and seating!


I really love the Green Monster Mascot. I had a selfie with him taken in 2012 here in Laconia. His name is Wally and he debuted in 1997 and became more popular in 2009. Many find him to be cute! Here is a description of him:


In the comment thread area below name your memories and favorite games you have gone to see here! I love hearing great stories.


Pictures Below were me there as a Kid. I always loved going with my parents and brother back in the day! I would love to go back!!!



Today is 11 days till the Boston Marathon. I will be there to watch and one of my friends is running it!