Hello GoGetFifed Followers, welcome to Story time by Dan Fife.


We are discussing how the Paradise Beach Club has reopened for the season and last night was its first night of the season. The Paradise Beach Club is open  from the first weekend of May to the last weekend of Halloween. It is located on 322 Lakeside Ave on the Weirs strip right of the Weirs Sign. I waited 6 months for this and now its here! I count down to this in the days nearing.


Inside the place has many beach themed decorations. I find it to be very creative. There is an outdoor patio as well and that is popular with patrons. They have a kitchen in where they serve dinner. Prime rib is among it’s most popular food specials.


Last Night was a good turn out at the Paradise Beach Club. There was DJ and music and people were dancing. Tonight the Barrs band play and they have been a good band that has come back to do business. Every Friday and Saturday they have a band play at the Paradise and it attracts a crowd who is really into the music. The bartenders are really friendly and are fast to serve customers. I have established myself with the place


The Paradise Beach Club gets really business on holiday weekends like Memorial Day weekend and 4th of July weekend. It also attracts people who love to boat and jetski on the lake. There is a VIP Section for people who frequent there a lot or are having a Bachelorette party. It is a great place to hold your birthday as well. This place is a super hit on Bike Week, but they have bands all throughout Bike Week and specials. Many of the people visiting for Bike week love to come here.


On the last Saturday of October they have a Halloween Party. It is $12 to get in and the number of tickets sold are based on capacity. It gets sold out and thus is a hit! Many people dress up in creative costumes. The place is very well decorated for the Halloween party. They have costume contests and who wins will win cash prizes. Among them is prettiest and best couples. I enjoy every bit of this event but sad its the last weekend for 6 months. It falling on Cinco De Mayo night was a good coincidence too. It opened one week after the Town Docks in Meredith opened, showing that summer is coming real real soon!


I advertise the Paradise Beach Club’s specials and list of events. I enjoy doing it and being a benefit to the business. They are a great place to advertise for.


The owners Brett and Lori Loring are the owners and very friendly people. They have owned the place since the early 2000s and have done a great job! The Paradise Beach Club attracts many out of towners and a great place for people to have some fun after a day of boating. I encourage any of you to visit as much as possible and have a great time! I always get excited when it is going to open for the season.


here is its website: www.theparadisebc.com/ and it’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/The-Paradise-Beach-Club-460967195009/?hc_ref=SEARCH


Here is a list of Pics of the business