Another story adventure by Dan Fife!


The Mount Washington recently took it’s first ride! Yes folks it’s that time of yera again. Not long after ice out and our beloved Lakes Region ship takes off for adventure! The Mount Washington has gained recognition in our area and I enjoy seeing it set sail when I am near the lake. When we had a restaurant called Weeks years ago, they had many ice scream scoops called a Mount Washington.


The Mount Washington it is a cruise ship. It holds balls every weekend. One of them is a Halloween ball that is near Halloween. I encourage any of you to go to these events. The Mount Washington even holds Mother’s Day Cruises and private events! The Eric Grant band has even played on the ship before. There are brochures of it’s weekly events you will find in places you visit.


When I was in college I had my senior cruise on the Mount Washington. There was dancing and having a good time. It was a memorable experience. We all dressed up nice like a prom.


In 2015 I saw a wedding take place on the Mount Washington. They tooted the horn at times in the ceremony. The couple was getting married at the edge of the deck.


Here is the Mount Washington Website