Hi folks, it’s Dr Fife again, and just giving my feed back of the recent weather we have faced.


In Between after the Super Bowl and February 16, we had 4 major snow storms, most of them ONE FOOT! It was canceling schools and or causing 2 hour delays, making me wonder if the kids would be in school still a week after Bike Week. Thankfully I was there to help some people by shoveling their driveways and making their mailbox reachable for the mailman. After a while of these storms, the roads were starting to become impassible and narrower. I went to Mass that day and then Rhode Island to see a showing at a Theatre that I Was invited to and even there they got a lot of snow and had narrower roads and streets. At least many people got their roofs cleared before their roofs started to cave in cause after a while if it snows too much and if the roofs are untreated the weight of the snow will cave in.  In addition it created a lot of big snow banks in parking lots!


The last 2 days its felt warm and sunny out like Spring. The snowbanks have been getting smaller. There is no snow on the horizon this week! Check it out on www.weather.com. I feel good of that as I am not a fan of the cold weather.


This week is Mass vacation week and I heard on Friday the traffic backed up to get here. That issue of a traffic back up on Fridays on a big weekend has gotten WORSE! I heard Gunstock was sold out yesterday. I saw that Funspot In Laconia, NH was crazy busy. I went to Church Landing for Brunch and that was real busy. Next week is NH Vacation week and traditionally winter feels more like Spring by that point.


A side note, Every February weekend is something going on in the Lakes Region. The first weekend of the month is the Pond Hockey Games which is quite popular. The second weekend of February is Fishing Derby. The third weekend of the month is the dog sled racings! All 3 attract a lot of people here and a big meet up spot for that is Cactus Jacks in Laconia, NH as it fills up big time those weekends for those events.




Thats all for Today and I will get back to you all tomorrow on another story / topic


Yours Truly,


Dr. Fife