Hello folks, its another story by Dan the advertiser. I am here to talk about the first Kmart in the world. It opened in 1962 in Garden City Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The store is closing later this month, as its one of the stores in this wave of 110 stores closing. I went in this store to take pictures, save the receipt as a souvenir and bought a Star Wars item. Much of the store was taped off as it was 20 to 70 percent off. There were many shoppers. I am sure they will miss this 55 year old fixture too. I think its sad that Kmart is closing a piece of history and how its not able to make it when there are no competitors for 5 miles in a larger area! How could this be??? Maybe lower sales, maybe lease issue. This store is where Kmart’s roots are! The store was in disrepair and looked like a flea market. This all leads me to believe Kmart just isn’t able to keep up and just doesn’t care anymore.  I hope this store becomes of those flexible format Target stores. The store is in a good location and right in the downtown of this community! I went to many other closing Kmarts this trip. RIP First Kmart 1962-2017. Here are some pictures below.