Today October 1, 2021 is Disney World’s 50th Anniversary! The Celebrations will run for a while long. This Blog too shows some history of Disney World that you will love to read. I have many friends visiting Disney at this time due to the 50th Celebrations. If you LOOOVVEEEE Disney, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this . Tis the time to celebrate and be merry!

Here is an article of when Disney opened on it’s 50th Anniversary :

and the Crowd waiting that morning of the 50th





. The crowd went wild!!!

This shows the remaining Original Cast from when the Disney World opened 50 years ago here: 

and I saw something of a woman who took her baby son to Disney World when it opened in 1971 and here is a now and then selfie


and these links can show Nostolgia history.


I just went to Disney World Oct 5 and 6. I love how they had many things mark it’s 50th like on the castle and merchandise. Here are some pics below! Their 50th Anniversary stuff will carry on a while. Disney now has the Halloween event Boo Bash and will have Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. Here is a link to the 50th Celebrations with the Holiday festives:


I myself as well as many others have enjoyed coming to Disney over the years. This is a special anniversary to commemorate! It brought joy when it opened to millions billions and many tourists come to visit. It has grown exponentially since it opened and opened more parks such as Animal Kingdom, MGM That became Hollywood Studios and Epcot which holds a yearly Wine Festival in the Fall , the park started with Magic Kingdom in 71, and hotels that are expansive and catchy!. I was told 1 of the first rides that is there is Jungle Cruise. Additions have been added to Magic Kingdom and attractions have come and gone. My Fav thing is the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween bash and meet and greets! I love how they have gift shops of souvineers to get! I love the parades and show’s in and by Cinderella’s Castle that is in the center of Magic Kingdom! The cast members are enthusiastic and are kind to customers.

More too:


This has this Day in History back then in 1971:


There is a lot of stuff Disney is doing to promote their 50th and so many things out there that are promoting it!

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Here are some of my pictures of this :


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