Here is a timeline of the Friday the 13th movies: (I hear that they were going to have anthology films of Friday the 13th Superstition, but the ending of the first movie led them to have Jason in all the movies).

Summer 1957: Here at Camp Crystal Lake. Jason Voorhees drowned as 2 counselors were not paying attention and making love. His mother Pamela Voorhees was the cook there then

Summer 1958: Pamela Voorhees avenges her son’s death by murdering the 2 camp counselors that failed to watch Jason and let him drown.

1962: the owners the Christys tried to reopen the Camp Crystal Lake, but there was arson and poisoning the water. No one knew who did them but it is obviously Pamela Voorhees.

Summer 1979: Steve Christy reopens the Camp again. Rumors by locals, Enos and Crazy Ralph, are spread by locals that Camp Crystal Lake has a death curse and warn people who are coming that way. Pamela Voorhees (Though her identity as the killer is not known until the end of the movie by the final survivor) refuse to let that happen of the camp reopening and kills the Camp Counselors (Who are there in training, before campers arrive) and Steve Christy. Pamela hears voices in her head of Jason telling her to kill for him. 1 survivor is left, Alice , and she discovers the truth and there is a long and chase battle and Alice is left with kill or be killed and beheads Pamela. Alice is rescued by the police who come to the scene (it’s a dream or true that Jason’s decomposed body pulls Alice under the water and his body is not found).

2 months later in Summer 1979: (2nd movie) Alice is left traumatized by the events that happened at Camp Crystal Lake and Trying to get her life back together. Jason goes to Ginny’s apartment to avenge his mother’s murder and kills her with an ice pack (he had put Pamela’s head in there to scare her 1st).

1982 (Said in third movie): at Higgins Camp nearby Chrissy gets in a fight with her parents and runs across an unmasked Jason who attacks her. She got blacked out and found herself in her house and would not forget Jason’s horrible face or the event:

Summer 1984: 2nd movie A Camp Training site is opened near where the massacres happened 5 yrs ago near Camp Crystal Lake. Jason is presumed to be a local legend by the camp counselors in the training site. Jason stalks the Camp Counselors (that night was their last night before work began) and kills them, Crazy Ralph and a Cop 1 by one. Jason has a Shack near the Site and Camp Crystal lake where there is a shrine of his mother and her sweater and heads of people he killed. Paul and Ginny are left and they end up in Jasons Shack. Ginny briefly tries to trick Jason by putting on his mother’s sweater to talk to Jason but he sees the ruse. Paul and Ginny battle Jason. It’s Unknown what happens to Paul but Ginny is taken away the next morning by an ambulance. Jason wore a burlap sack as a mask that movie.

Summer 1984. 3rd movie and The day after the events of the first movie Jason recovers from his injuries and takes clothing from a nearby General Store on Camp Crystal Lake and murders the owners and takes clothing there he now wears. A group of teens, including Chrissy (from where I said in the 1982 events) head to Higgins Haven that her parents owned and Chrissy meets up w her BF. Jason hides in the barn and bides his time and kills the teens and biker gang that the teens ran afoul with, and Jason takes a Hockey Mask from 1 of the people he kills and that becomes what he wears the rest of the Franchise. Jason kills Chrissy’s BF Rick and Chrissy is left as the Final Girl and she discovers Jason was the 1 who attacked her 2 yrs before. An axe is thrown in Jason’s face and he falls down. Chrissy is taken away by the police as she is screaming hysterically and the water shows to be at peace. This is the movie where Chrissy has a bad dream of JAson going after her without his mask and Pamela rising from the lake in a decomposed body.

Summer 1984, 4th movie called the Final Chapter and the day after the events of the third movie: Higgins Haven is being investigated by the police after the murders and Jason is taken to the morgue where he kills the nurses and escapes. Jason makes his way back to his territory, Camp Crystal Lake, and kills a hitchhiker. A group of teens go to Camp Crystal Lake for the Weekend and Jason kills them. The main protagonist Tommy (played by Corey Fieldman who played Mouth and Donatello in the Ninja Turtles Movies) and his sister Trish and his mom and his dog are staying near there too. Tommy has a thing for horror movies. Trish’s BF in the movie is the brother of 1 of the victims of the 2nd movie (those events occured a few days before this movie) , but he too is killed. In the end it’s just Trish and Tommy left. Tommy shaves his head to look like he did when Jason drowned and gets his attention. Trish hits Jason with a machete and Tommy takes the Machette to where it splits through Jason’s skull. When Jason’s fingers twitch, Tommy goes crazy and hacks JAson to peaces and Trish yells for Tommy. This is a famous thing in the movie. Tommy goes to the hospital where he is ok and comforted by Trish.

an unknown number of years is the 5th movie, the New Beginning. Tommy has been a halfway house after the events of the 4th movie. When 1 of the teens is hacked by a patient (who remains incarcerated the rest of the movie), 1 of the paramedics (Who left his son after his wife died giving Child birth) becomes a copy cat killer of Jason and kills anyone in his way. His name is Roy Burns and he gets killed. Tommy goes mental at times in this movie and attacks Pamela and was who killed Roy Burns. In between events the police suspected Jason but said he was cremated.

Years after the 5th movie and now is the 6th movie, Jason Lives. Camp Crystal Lake is now Forest Green to forget it’s past. Tommy is out of the Halfway home and seems to be more stable but he has reoccurring nightmares of Jason and goes to where he was buried (Yet in the 5th movie they said he was cremated). He goes crazy and hits Jason’s corpse with a pole. Lightening hits the pole and reanimates Jason into a superhuman strong zombie. Jason there goes on a killing spree. Tommy attempts to warn the authorities but due to his pass they dismiss him and try to arrest Tommy. Tommy and his Gf Megan (the sheriff’s daughter) trap Jason at the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake to drown him again as thats how he died the first time. Megan in this is a Camp Counselor at Forest Green.

Years between is the events of New Blood where Jason gets resurrected from the water and kills some teens and attacks a woman who has telepathic powers but she uses her powers to have her dead father take Jason down to the lake; Jason takes Manhattan where Seniors graduating go on a cruise to NYC and the magnetic stuff from the ship wakes Jason up and he boards the ship and kills most of the crew. It was learned that yrs earlier Jason while still trapped under water from the events of the 6th movie attacked the female protagonist Reny when her uncle pushed her in the water to teach her to swim The survivors make it to NYC and Jason goes on a small rampage there and kills 2 thugs, and everyone else but Reny and her bf and her dog. Reny has toxic Sewage wash Jason down the sewer and she sees an image of when he was a boy. Then years later in Jason goes to Hell : it is Camp Crystal Lake again Jason is back and attacks someone on Camp Crystal Lake and the FBI Shoot Jason to peaces. A coroner then a newscaster eat Jason’s heart and he reanimates and goes after his neice who is the protagonist. She kills Jason with a dagger which causes him to go to hell and Freddy Pulls him under. Then is Freddy Vs Jason events.

in 2010: Jason is captured by the government and all efforts to execute him fail. Jason is set to be cryogenically frozen. He kills the team who is scheduled to. He stabs the heroine Rowan in the chest and causes her to collapse in a chamber thing and thus her and Jason are cryogenically frozen.

2020s Hockey is said to be outlawed

2445: events of Jason X: Earth has been too polluted to support human life and is a wasteland and everyone and everything is on Earth 2. Rowan and Jason are found by a team of college students on the old Earth and taken to the ship. a doctor has funding issues of a project. Rowan is thawed out. So is Jason. Jason battles and kills some of the protagonists. Jason gets blown apart, and he accidentally gets reanimated to a sleeker uber Jason and his mask attached to his face to be a metalic Jason. Uber Jason kills more. The male hero takes Jason and burns them both in Earth’s atmosphere.