Hello, everyone, it’s another fun filled story by our advertiser and storyteller Dan Fife! I am here to talk about Foxwoods and how I started going.


I went to Foxwoods March 18 for my birthday weekend which was a party after the party weekend and it was my FIRST TIME there. I met up w some Laconia friends there. The 2nd time I went there was May 6 weekend for a friend from Laconia’s birthday as her bf and friends invited me and I Drove all that way to go. Foxwoods is a 3 hour drive from me but worth it. I am surprised I never went before


Now of Foxwoods, It is a two level establishment and everything connected in one building. They have many parking garages that are free for parking. It is a wonderous establishment. You walk in and there is the Fox Tower. They have many hotel rooms that are awesome suits with TV and great bedding. When you check in it is a colorful atmosphere and says celebrating 25 years. Then you walk in the Casino area which has many casino slots. They have a bar and dancing area there called the CENTRALE Fox Tower and that is a big hit at night w a DJ playing music! The waitresses are friendly people. There is an upscale bar too. There is a Fox Theatre there where shows play by famous bands. There are shops and a mini food court there.


Now connecting to the Fox Tower is the Tanger Outlet malls which have many off price clothing stores such as our favs Forever 21, H&M etc. Great place to shop. It has a few restaurants. It has a great comic shop too. The Outlet mall is 2 levels and the 2nd level goes upstairs to the Casino.


Now past the Outlet malls is the Great Cedar Casino area which has more gaming and poker table slots! There is a mini downstairs nearby which has fine dining and among places has a wonderful restaurants named David Burke Prime and it has a huge 2 level display of wine glasses. 2 floors up is a very casual restaurant named Vue 24 with expensive food and a view of the casino out the window! Back to the main level, of Great Cedar Casino there are many eateries, a Sugar Candy Factory which is popular and has a wait to get in and they will serve you for your b-day and sing to you! There is a bar and Foodruckers nearby. Nearby is what becomes the Grand Pequot Tower which has more game slots! They have more shops, restaurants, Hard Rock Cafe, a display area for a Car and a very popular Festival Buffet which has a variety of food! There are tons of security too. the whole place is one circle too.


There is a Comic Book Convention June 10 and 11 and I intend to go to it! I have never been to it. There is a Pool Party I will be going to July 9 thats at 10 pm. I plan to go back also for my next birthday weekend. If you havent been to Foxwoods, I suggest you check it out as it’s a FUN FUN place!