Here is a countdown to these Lucrative Dates (More Will be Added) from when this Story was made:

29 Days Until Laconia Motorcycle Week
35 Days until Bill and Ted Face the Music
45 Days Until Labor Day
47 Days Until Patriots Season
48 Days Until the First Night of Universal Halloween Horror Nights (But it will be diff than other yrs)
60 Days Until the End of Summer/ Start of Fall
70 Days Until Wonder Woman 2 and around the Time I want my 2021 GoGetFifed Calendar out!
99 Days Until Halloween
102 Days Until the NEXT Presidential Election
105 Days Until the Black Widow (Next Marvel Movie) comes out!
115 Days Until HOME ALONE Turns 30!!!
125 Days Until Thanksgiving
126 Days Until Black Friday
153 Days Until Christmas Eve
154 Days Until Christmas Day
160 Days until New Years EVE (GOOD RIDDANCE 2020!)
161 Days until 2021 (We all CANNOT WAIT)
198 Days Until the Super Bowl
205 Days until Valentines Day
207 Days Until Mardi Gras!
224 Days Until Ghostbusters: Afterlife
235 Days Until Dan Fife’s Next Birthday (it needs to make up for the last few)
252 Days until F9 Fast Furious is out
259 Days Until Bob’s Burgers is Out
281 Days Until May 1 2021! (When more action starts at the Weirs)
310 Days Until Memorial Day
322 Days Until the Epic Jurassic World Dominion Movie
323 Days Until Laconia Motorcycle Week
343 Days Until the Next Minions Movie
345 Days until 4th of July!
384 Days Until around the Time Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween is Back
434 Days Until Batman Reboot Movie is out
442 Days Until the NEXT SANDWICH FAIR! (other Fairs Fall near that time, Get it FALL!!!)
448 Days Until Halloween Kills is released
464 Days until Halloween 2021!
820 Days Until Halloween 3 the Michael Myers-less Movie is 40 years old!!
875 Days Until AVATAR 2 (it was to be released 1 year before but the Carona Virus delayed it)
965 Days until Dan Fife TURNS 40 (OH LORDY!!!)