Here is the Biketemberfest Block Party Schedule:

Biketemberfest 2019

Downtown Dave 5-8:00. Outside
Neon Gypsy. 5-8:00 Tower Hill Tavern Downstairs
The Priest 7-11:00 Patio
Jodie Cunningham Band 8-11:00 Outside
Riley Parkhurst 9-1:00 Tower Hill Tavern Downstairs
Conniption Fits 9-1:00 Tower Hill Tavern Upstairs
DJ Kadence 9-1:00 Big House

Crescendos Gate 12-3:00 Outside
Tom Paquette 2-5:00 Patio
Blues Tonight 4-8:00 Outside
The Bars 8-11:00 Outside
Maverick 8-12:00 Tower Hill Tavern Downstairs
Dan Lawson 9-1:00 Tower Hill TAvern Upstairs
DJ Averse 9-1:00 Big House

Tom Paquette 12-3:00 Tower Hill Tavern Upstairs
Michael Vincent Band 1-5:00 Outside
Power lock 3:30-6:30 Patio
Victim of Circumstance 6-7:30 Big House
Warrant 8-9:30 Big House

Last year the turnout was great!