This has been a busy Summer. Already the 4th of July is next week and that is Braun Bay and Jetski time. Plus more tourists come to the Lakes Region to the Weirs, Naswa and Margate! There are fireworks in the Weirs that night!


OMG HOW can this summer be flying by! But it shows we are all having a good time!


We Just had Bike Week and that went by fast. It’s Already been a week since the dust of Bike Week Settled. Bike week hosted many vendors selling Biker gear in the Weirs. There were ride events like in the Speedway, Brendas Ride and the AMA Gypsy Tour which would leave from the Rally HQ (that’s on Lakeside Ave), chances to visit Motorcycle Demo HQ, Ride to Bentley’s Saloon in Arundel Me, etc. The Italian Faro hosted many bands in the tent called the Roadhouse plus had our Bike Week Favs the Flaunt girls do performing shows and a female Biker do dance moves in the back of a biker. The Naswa had the 94th Bike Week Anniversary party where they cut the cake and Peter Markis Memorial Run. Plus they had the yearly bikini contest which fills up the place. The Paradise Beach Club and Tower Hill hosted popular bands all day long and filled up. They were all successful and did a good job! TILL NEXT YEAR EVERYONE FOR BIKE WEEK! OH, another good part is how many from out of town and state come to it and that is also a reunion to friends you dont see in a while.


I encourage you all to make the best of your summer! Come on down to Laconia for the 4th of July and they have fireworks too!



Man this summer has gone by fast!