Today is 20 years since tragedy struck our Nation.

Remember 2977 total, remember 343 were firefighters, remember 60 were police officers, remember 8 were EMTs
None of those people knew the night before they would be our last sleep
Tragedy struck when terrorists hijacked the places and had them hit the Twin Towers, Trade Center and Pentagon.
8:46 North Tower Hit 9:03 South Tower Hit 9:37 Attack at the Pentagon 9:59 South Tower Collapsed 10:03 Flight 93 Crashed 10:28 North Tower Collapsed
Remember those times (8:46, 9:03, 9:37, 9:59, 10:03, 10:28)
This was the moment that changed the face of our nation. I know some people who saw this happen with their own eyes. I can imagine the horror. I feel sorry for all those peoples loved ones and still have them in my prayers.
A big thank you to the rescuers who came during this event. I am also sorry for the people in the area that had to live through this and it be close to home.
I recall when it happened I was walking from Lamson Library; I was in my 1st Semester in Plymouth State, to Principals of Marketing in Hyde Hall and first heard 10 minutes after it happened and first saw footage on the BIG TVs at Prospect Dining Hall and was shocked! Many places let schools and work out early that day.
I went to the 9/11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan in 2015 and it had historical stuff of it, chilling records from people during the plane crashes and monuments and memorials for the 2977 deaths, and pictures can be seen here:
I had realized the Class of 2020 was born into 9/11 happening and graduated HS at the start of the pandemic.
Even some workers at some restaurants and establishments weren’t born when it happened and younger bar goers only know what was told to them.
There is the option to put in the comments part to say where you were when 9/11 happened and if you saw it with your own eyes and or had loved ones who witnessed it.
Take a moment of silence to remember the fallen victims

Remember Forever and us stay united together. #NeverForget