Hello followers, I am here to talk about 2 movie ideas of some types of movies that have surprisingly not been out yet. Be Entertained!

One Idea I have is a movie of the theme of brick and mortar vs online shopping. It will feature a team of business people studying how online shopping is causing a brutal beating in physical retail stores. They will compare how old TVs ya had like in the 1980s have been replaced with more modern TVs and name the other chains that have closed in the Amazon age. They will try to get brick and mortar clients and give them ideas how to beat the internet like unique shopping services and in store experiences. There will be some conflicts in the movie, but it all wins in the end and ya see shoppers going to stores more.

Another movie idea is of the Super Bowl and the Patriots in the game. The New England Patriots aim to beat the Kansas City Chefs . There are a group of main characters of fans who idolize the New England Patriots and contact the Patriots of winning. They are scheduled to play the Foxboro Stadium! They have many games the Super Bowl Day and there is a conflict of the KC Chefs already having more wins. The team is down on their luck and get in an argument. This group of friends that idolize them feel sad and contact the Patriots and give them an inspiration to win. The Super Bowl game continues and the Patriots wins catch up with the Chefs and they win the Super Bowl. There is a great cheer! The team is proud of their win! The group of friends is too. The Patriots vow next season to achieve the same victory!